10 tips for a good start at New World

Looking for a New World Hyde? Amazon’s expected MMO is already released, which means that you can finally jump in Aeternum and begin to explore the secrets of the island. But, like any MMO, New World is a hefty game with its own combat, craft and fractional mechanics, each with its subtleties that need to be studied.

many players already had the opportunity to see what can offer New World-in a closed beta version back in July, when more than 190,000 players took part, and the last open beta version was also quite popular. But if you did not have the opportunity to check the game before its release, many of its systems and the mechanic may turn out to be a mystery.

In this guide New World, the Pskgamer information gaming portal gives some tips to beginners on the new MMO, be it care for weapons or how not to weighing yourself with equipment and materials. Here are ten tips on how to make a good start in New World.

use both weapons

you can find a variety of weapons to choose from the initial stages of the game. There are no installed classes in New World, so instead you should find out which weapon you want to use and adapt your assembly to the preferred style of the game. You can choose, for example, a sword and onion or, perhaps, to you more to taste a staff and an ax.

The skill of owning weapons means that you can unlock active abilities and passive skills associated with a certain type of weapon. At first, you probably want to focus on pumping, but as you go through the levels, you should think about what combination of weapons you want to come to cope with more complex content.

follow your weight

It is tempting to put on armor with the best characteristics for greater survival, but the equipment that you wear affects your total weight. This, in turn, can affect how well you can move and use the deviation. Use the style of play with a bias, you should pay attention to the weight of the equipment that you equip.

your inventory also has a weight restriction, and the transfer of too many things will immediately slow you down. Use warehouse premises in different settlements so that your inventory remains light.

Follow the strength

Weapons, tools and equipment a little losing strength with each use - Or when you die - therefore, you must make it a rule to regularly check your equipment. You can repair your things using a small amount of gold and "spare parts" that you can get using any weapon or armor that you do not plan to wear is also convenient, because this means that you will free up a valuable place in the inventory.

repair kits perform the same work, but spare parts are necessary for their manufacture. However, repair kits can be sold through the outlet, so if you have many extra sets, you can always earn a little gold on the side.

discover the possibilities of quick movement

You will find a large settlement after the first few tasks in New World. Despite the fact that in the immediate vicinity there are many tasks that can take you, it is worth spending a little time studying. You can not only unlock fast movement sanctuaries in order to simplify movement, but also some resources can be more in different low -level areas.

Use taverns and camps to pass on the way<

the fungal function is essentially the same as in WOW. Talk to the NPS to go into this tavern, and you can teleport there for free with the hourly reload time. This is especially convenient, because in some of the early tasks you will have to overcome significant distances to achieve goals. You can use this function in any tavern, but you can activate it in only one tavern at a time.

You can break the camp while you are on the way, if you have materials to create it. While the advantages can be easily lost sight of, the revival back in the tavern and the need to run half a card can force you to reconsider its use.

not only do the camps act as temporary points of the Renaissance, you can also create They have basic items. You can improve your camp to create the best items - the first of these improvements opens at 15 after completing a certain task.

Start crafting and collect as early as possible

P>The craft plays a large role in New World, although it may become much more useful at the maximum level, when you can farm the best resources for making more powerful equipment.

However, there are many more advantages For the early start of craft. You can get a certain weapon before if you were supposed to fall out or awards for tasks. You will also need to create arrows or bullets if you plan to use long -range weapons. It will be possible for you to sell the manufactured things through the outlet, but first check if these things are in demand, if you collect to earn extra money.

how to choose a faction

It will be necessary to choose one of the three fractions to which you want to join as soon as you reach a certain part of the main chain of tasks. You will have to choose between The Marauders, The Covenant, and The Syndicate. In addition to aesthetics, your choice should depend on several factors. The fractions control different parts of the card, and it depends on the server. Since they will also fight each other beyond the territory, it is worth joining the faction that dominates your server.

of the company (guilds) are also exclusive for the fractions, and if you plan to play with friends, make sure that All of you join the same faction, unless you want to fight each other during PVP.

you can change the fraction, if you want, but only after 120 days from the date of connection to the latter, so you should spend A little time to make a decision.

Select tasks for the city and the fraction

The implementation of the main plot tasks is mandatory, but other types of tasks are easy to lose sight of, especially When you reach the first settlement.

City missions can be selected on the city town hall and get a reasonable amount of experience for efforts. Not only that, but you also help to promote various aspects of the settlement, such as improved craft buildings. These missions can vary from the murder of 20 wild boars to the delivery of a certain number of items created or collected materials NPC.

After you select the faction, you can also choose fractional tasks that will help you increase your authority in your faction . They are both in PVE and PVP options, and although they do not give a lot of experience, you can buy the best equipment and improve the overall position of your faction as your reputation grows.

Increase Your level using territories

the more actions you perform on the territory, the more advantages you can get while in this area. Every time you increase your reputation in the territory, you can choose one of several advantages. These include an increase in experience, increasing the speed of gathering and a decrease in trade tax. As soon as your position in the territory reaches 10 levels, you can unlock the opportunity to buy a piece of Aeternum through a player’s housing.

Sign to your house

housing for New World players Offers different sizes at different prices. In addition to the presence of a sufficient amount of gold to buy your property, you also need to be level 15 and have status 10 or higher in the territory on which the settlement is located. However, the presence of your own housing gives many advantages, so do not delay the initial requirements.

In addition to the fact that you can decorate your space as you want, your home will act as a refund point, similar to the Tavern system. You can also increase the volume of the warehouse and get positive effects from the trophies that you hang as jewelry.

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