Apex Legends: How to apply statistics trackers

In the Royal Battle of Apex Legends, there are many different useful chips, including cosmetic ones: outside the heroes, weapons, voices and emblems. But there is one thing that you want to unlock. This is a tracker. It is used to obtain statistics. Trackers can be found in Lutboxes in order to display your skill on the account. For example, a professional soldier Bangalor can display a general indicator of accrued damage, and the heifline healer can display an indicator of treatment with a recovery drone for your group.

What needs to be done to open and use Apex Legends trackers to display statistics .

Trackers can be obtained as a drop, but they can also be scrapet using valuable metals that are considered in the APEX Legends one of the game currency options. It is worth saying that valuable metals are mining in the game, and they are used in the manufacture of a wide variety of extensions, skins of weapons, etc.

each tracker is a unique function for each legend, so if you fall a basic substantics tracker characteristics for bangalor, then for other legends this tracker will not act.

since the chance of falling out the desired tracker is quite a mythical, the best option is, of course, to make it yourself.

for that for that To make a tracker, find the Legend tab, click on the legend for which you make a tracker and click on the Banners tab. Now pay attention to the left column, where there are frames, poses, badges and trackers. Next, press on the name of the tracker, and then you will see a complete list of trackers that can be available to this legend.

To create, click on the tracker you need and "confirm".

to create an ordinary You should have 30 valuable metal trackers. But besides ordinary trackers, each legend has 3 more unique, rare (blue) levels of trackers, respectively, their cost is 2 times higher, that is, 60 valuable metals.

In general, each legend can use 17 ordinary ones Trackers. These are statistics:

- deaths;

- successful murders;

- the murders of the captains;

- damage;


- a shot in the head;

- Crete. blow;

- resurrection;

- the matches have been played;

- victories in full force;

- exit to Tor 3;

- pistol murders;

- murders with a shotgun;

- murders with a submachine gun (SMG);

- killings with an assault rifle (ar );

- murders with a hand machine gun (LMG);

- murders with a sniper;

- murders of combat devices.

naturally rare levels Trackers are also divided, and can display active and passive legend skills. At the same time, you can have 3 trackers at once for the legend. After creating a tracker, just click on the necessary menu and this will give the opportunity to your legend, use the tracker so that others can see it.

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