APEX Legends: Small Hyde for Survival

The released Battle Royale Apex Legends made noise on the first day. If you decide to play this game, here are 12 tips on how to stay alive and get in the first positions.

So, as in any royal battle in Apex Legends A number of tips in the game itself that greatly simplify the game.

Council 1, starting the fight with the enemy, you can find out the level of his armor and whether he has it. To do this, pay attention to the color of the numbers that appear while entering the enemy. The color values ​​will be as follows:

- red numbers: armor is absent

- white numbers: 1 ur. Armor

- Blue numbers: 2 ur. Armor

- purple numbers: 3 ur. Armor

Council 2, it should be borne in mind that APEX Legends is a team game and if you do not try to play a team, you will not get victory. The project has a ping-system that gives you an excellent tool in order to inform your team about different situations (even if you are not in the voice chat). If you learn to use the ping correctly and in time, this will accelerate and facilitate your command game.

by default, the main ping button is the average mouse button. You need to bring the cursor to the object and props it, so you give a signal to your team that for example, you found equipment, first -aid kit, etc. If you hold the mouse button, then you will have a choice of Ping options - "Lut" and "Observation", this will give a clear idea to your friends why you will kick.

And now a very useful chip: open your inventory , pressing Tab or I, then bring the mouse cursor to your weapon or its slot. Then you live the ping, and tell the team that you need ammunition or something else. This function can also work with other equipment items.

Council 3, production. In almost all games of the Battle Royale genre, a large amount of production falls. Naturally, this is clutching your inventory. Since you still cannot carry everything away. Along the way, you will update your weapons, finding modernization for him. Therefore, as a recommendation, if you find an update that is not suitable for your weapon, it is better not to take it at all. To throw the item, open the inventory through Tab or I and click PKM to the subject that you want to get rid of. If you see it on objects in the corner X, this suggests that this item is not used with your weapon.

advice 4, learn to run with and without weapons. For example, a fight is in full swing, you need to be as mobile as possible and run quickly, you can hold a gun in your hand, as it can come in handy at any second. But if you need to run away from the scene, here you need to press 3 to hide the weapon. Without weapons, you run much faster, and the speed most often gives you the opportunity to leave the enemy alive.

Pay attention, even a small slope can be used for acceleration and acceleration, press Ctrl or C to sit down and start sliding, This gives a big jerk in speed, in addition, it will be more difficult to get into you. Accordingly, a large slope gives even more speed. Do not forget about it. Always try to slide where it is possible, it will accelerate you. And learn to shoot during slipping, it will be useful to you.

Council 5, in APEX Legends you should always remember mobility. If you hold the Space, when moving to the wall, you will have the opportunity to make a jump higher than usual. This can be applied not only to buildings. Use climbing. Throughout the map, there are places inaccessible only at first glance, but in fact they can be explored by making a good jump. This is a great opportunity to get ahead of other players, especially in the narrow places of the map connection.

Council 6, place of supply. The places where the supply ship with supplies arrives, indicated by a circle. These places are indicated on the map. The ship itself will be shown by a white sign, and the place of landing is blue. The ship has a lot of goodies, equipment and weapons, and in addition there are objects and high levels. Accordingly, the ships planting areas, these are hot points for capture. If you went there, wait for other players there. Therefore, get ready to either enter the battle right away, or take everything that you can take away and take your feet.

Council 7, jumping. Do not be afraid to make jumps from buildings, rocks or supplies that hangs in the air. Any jumps are available to you, because when you fall, you will not get damage. This is a great idea, as it gives users the opportunity to "break away" in full, performing crazy attacks in the air.

Council 8, consider the players. In almost all royal battles, you can see the number of remaining teams and players in the match. But what to do when there are only three commands left, and the calculation of users stopped showing the number, but looks like a question mark? That is why it is recommended to calculate the survivors. When the next murder occurs, the counter will blink in red. Naturally, when calculating, you should take into account your command.

Council 9, Signs. If your team includes a ranger, do not forget to pay attention to where the lighthouses are located. They look on the map like a small antenna in the center of circles. The trace of communication with the lighthouses is available to indicate the next available zone for its detachment.

Council 10, map. Agree, it is quite difficult to constantly open the card and move, but the card in APEX Legends is a key point, you should check your location often. Therefore, it is recommended to come up with your combination of buttons, which will be convenient for you to often look at the card, while without stopping.

advice 11, a powerful weapon. At the moment, the project has only two coolest weapons, this is a mastiff shotgun and a crab sniper rifle. But they cannot be obtained in the usual capture of the card, because it is legendary weapons. It can be found in special lout capsules that will appear around the map. You will have to find them. But remember, other players will also look for them.

Council 12, a knockdown. An ordinary knockdown-shce gives you a little protection, during the time when you cannot defend yourself and leave the action zone, so the player from your team will be able to resurrect you. But if you have a legendary shield, then you will have the opportunity to resurrect yourself by pressing the key e.

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