Astellia: Equipment improvement system

, as in any MMORPG in ASTELLIA, you will need good equipment. Naturally, equipment can be improved to improve it. And the developers told how this happens in MMORPG ASTELLIA. In order to understand the system of improving equipment in Astellia, you first need to consider the user interface of combat characteristics of the character. The character’s equipment, his statistics and combat characteristics can be viewed in the profile (p). In general, all the equipment of the character is divided into several positions: armor, weapons and jewelry. The higher the groove of your equipment, the more your characteristics will be.

Each subject of equipment gives an increase in different characteristics . For example, the staff will increase the power of spells, and onion is Crete. hit. In addition, weapons and armor give additional interest to the basic characteristics and their description can be viewed in a pop -up window. Each class has its own weapons and equipment.

During your journey, you will find a variety of objects, and if they are not suitable for your class, you can sell it to the merchant or disassemble it for materials. To do this, you need to contact any blacksmith and in the interaction menu to click on the hammer icon, and then on the subject that you want to disassemble. When analyzing the subject, you get materials to improve equipment. You can find them in a tab of the materials of your inventory.

After you have accumulated enough materials to improve equipment, you can engage in improving the main equipment. Turn to the blacksmith again, and in the interaction window, click on the anvil icon. Place the equipment in the upper slot in the lower material for improvement. To improve equipment, there are restrictions. For example, an object of up to 50 lvl, cannot be improved above +6. To sharpen it, you will need to develop it. The level of development does not depend on the quality of the subject. With the development (evolution) of equipment, the improvement is reset by 0. In addition, if the subject is higher than your character, you cannot wear it.

with the improvement of equipment up to 50 lvl, there are 10 lvl improvements. However, the improvement is not always successful and can be filled. So having reached the improvement of +3, expect a thing that a thing may not be imposed. There are several options for the outcome of the failure:

- the thing will remain unchanged, but the material for improvement will be spent;

- the thing will lower its level of improvement by 1 lvl and consume materials;

- The thing will lower its level of improvement to several levels and consume materials.

In addition to sharpening equipment, there is also a rune system. Each item of equipment has 5 cells in which the runes can be inlaid. The runes can be knocked out during the murder of monsters, the farm of the dungeons, tasks and the creation of archaeological objects.

of the total types of runes 5, each type has 2 classifications: attack and protection. Each type of rune is suitable for a certain equipment: an attack for weapons, earrings and rings, protection for armor, bracelet and necklaces.

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