Astellia: who are astella

The players came to life somewhat with an announcement of the MMORPG ASTELLIA output, waiting for new interesting projects of this genre. Many are interested in the origin of Astelles about what these fantastic small companions do to improve the aspects of your game experience in MMORPG ASTELLIA.

Astella are divided into three levels of power, perform one of the seven different combat roles and have a rich background . The servants, although they are the weakest from the point of view of unbridled power, are easier to support them, and they offer a greater variety in the number of combat roles that they can perform. Guards are the next level, with a significant increase in power due to the increased consumption of the resources necessary to maintain their presence. Savior are the greatest of all Astells, they boast of almost unsurpassed amount of destructive force, but can only be called up for a very short period of time.

In battle, each astell has a unique set of abilities to fulfill its own certain role, including a special Combo-Atak, initiated by certain skills of the player’s character. Knights are a strong tank that ensures a decrease in damage and generation of a high threat. Warriors and Assassins strengthen the physical attack and cross the front lines, punishing the careless enemies or preventing the flight of opponents. Scientists and muses provide increased healing power, support on the battlefield by healing and improving in the form of buffs. Mages and archers increase physical or magical damage at a distance, suppress the movement of the enemy and give free rein to the senseless destruction from afar.

The careful planning of your called up partners will allow you to further increase your strengths and compensate for the weak ones. So far, interesting group compositions and dynamics are opened in the process. Accelerate the passage of the dungeon using additional damage, using, for example, a tactical game and several healers. For solo players, you can focus on the game of your own will, without feeling something devoid of something due to a low level of damage, lack of treatment or lack of a tank.

In addition to supporting you in battle, Astella can be modernized with many ways, increasing their total capacity and providing players with special passive buffs. Inlapping of precious stones will increase their characteristics, gaining experience and levels, increasing their basic characteristics and ranks that sharply increase their combat skills. The achievement of certain milestones will reward players with excellent costumes for this astalle, as well as demonstrate your achievements along with additional buffs.

Astellov obtaining is a constant and powerful addition to your character, which can be achieved using the usual gameplay . For example, the implementation of the main plot quests, when the new Astells are introduced as critical events develop or as a reward for the victory over the boss of the dungeon. If you receive Astella that you already own, as a reward for completing the dungeon, it will be automatically stroked, using the experience of experience to increase the star rating of Astella.

There are a lot of depth in the Astell system, and I think you will find more More creative and interesting ways to use it. I hope you were interested in learning a little about these wonderful companions.

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