Borderlands 3: 11 things that you should find out before the start of the game

For Borderlands 3, most of the same tips and techniques from previous games are applicable, but some changes and new functions mean that the game has changed so much that there are several fresh tips for anyone who is going to plunge into the game. These tips are prepared by the journalist PC Gamer. Here's how to save time, become the best teammate and prioritize in your workload.

You can quickly get to your car

borderlands 3 enough Generous in fast movement, allowing players to teleport to the appointed nodes in each area from any place at any time. But you can also quickly get to your car from anywhere in the world, which is easy not to notice in training.

As soon as you reach the end of the corridor as part of a side mission and want to continue to explore the area, do not go back, use quick movement. Just press and hold the location of your vehicle on the map, and you will immediately appear where you need to.

you have a new message

sometimes after completing the tasks Or just out of nowhere, you will receive a notification that you received mail. The fact is that your mailbox is not in the usual place. You need to press ESC and go to the "Social Networks" menu to read email. And you must definitely do this, because in this way you will get tons of weapons and cosmetics.

Put the priorities of the purchases in the SDU's backpack

The best feature of borderlands - prey - prey - It can also be the most unpleasant. Due to the fact that there will be a lot of unnecessary weapons and equipment, the backpack will be easily filled. Reduce the number of trips to sellers to sell additional goods, preferring the purchases of the SDU backpack on your ship. Banking space and lost production space are good secondary options.

Buy the first space SDU of ammunition

You need to buy the corresponding SDU for each type of inventory or cartridges. During the game, the cartridges end every few minutes in the first hours of Borderlands 3. Fortunately, this is not a big problem if you acquire the skill and improve the first or two levels of ammunition in the Marcus store in the sanctuary.

Side tasks will correspond to your level when you finish the campaign

do not feel the need to complete every side task before you leave the zone. Save them for a long time, and they will correspond to your level as soon as you finish the campaign, and continue to increase the level with you.

Use the Ping system

And it depends on the context! Click X, looking at the enemy, and he will allocate him red for the whole team. Indicate the pistol and it will highlight the suction cup in blue. Indicate the ally, and he will highlight it with green. This is especially useful when things become feverish, and your team should get rid of a particularly strong enemy. Focus on the ping.

The duel returns

Press the emotion button (by default Z) to offer a duel. This is a cute function for calculating bets or jokes, but you can easily use it to make fun of your friends until they reach your level.

Weapons skins are more complicated than should be

for decoration, just look at the empty knot to the left of your equipment on the inventory screen. Click on it and equip several small ornaments. For the skins of weapons, select the weapon and click E to inspect it. From there you can press X to equip the skin of a weapon.

Do not get tied to a specific weapon or equipment

passes several hours, and no new guns, shields or shields or shields or shields or You do not find grenade. These large periods of emptiness are common during the first part of the passage, but ultimately the gun falls out, and you feel that you will never let it go. In the end, you will have to learn how to part with good things, because they will not be enough for opponents of a higher level.

Eridi will appear, be patient

Earl sells cool cosmetics on the lower deck of the sanctuary, but only an eridium takes, which is difficult to find in the first hours of Borderlands 3. But do not worry, after a certain stage in history, you will open several opportunities for collecting an eridium.

as soon as You will find yourself in the final, do not immediately start the regime of a true hunter

each subsequent level increases the complexity of the enemy and the likelihood of rare objects. With a couple of difficult, repeating missions to play again and again, this is the best way to reach the upper level of the level, glasses of the guardian of the farm and find cool legendary guns and equipment.

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