Far Cry New Dawn: Councils on returning to Hope District

If you compare the Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 5 shooter, then we can say that New Dawn is a fifth, only in miniature. But this is only at first glance. In fact, there is a lot of what has changed and will be a novelty for you.

Here are some tips that will help you understand Far Cry New Dawn and be on the alert.

during The first, enemies and weapons received a rank. That is, not all enemies and weapons that will come across will be equal to you. The essence of the rank is that the higher the enemy rank, the more difficult it will be for you, and it will be less damaged if your weapon is low. The same principle acts on weapons, above the rank, more damage.

visually you can understand what rank the enemy has in color of its armor: more steel color indicates a rank above. Be sure to turn on all the parameters of the user interface, then you will see the enemy’s health and if it is an elite, then a small golden crown will appear nearby.

Your weapon also has a rank that indicates its effectiveness. In order to get improved weapons, you will need to improve your workbench in prosperity and make a more powerful weapon from the materials that you found.

you do not need to clean all the advances. At the time of stripping of advanpost, you can quickly get to the place of Luta to get a certain amount of ethanol. The stripping will immediately return the advanpost to its original state, but every time you do it, your enemies will be more complex and prepared. Accordingly, the award will also increase, as well as the amount of ethanol. Therefore, be prepared in advance for such a situation.

ethanol is the material that you need to improve some zones of your base. You get most of the ethanol precisely from the cleansing of the avantosts. But there is another way to get ethanol. Your enemies sometimes transport it in huge tankers. If you can destroy the driver and additional security transport without damaging the tank itself, you can later transport it to your advance and add ethanol to your reserves. If you are going to engage in such a fishing, then first unlock the repair skill, in case the truck with the tank lights up. Then you can immediately repair it.

In addition to all this, a periodically cargo plane will take off your supply packs. This is not a royal battle, so Pak will land near you. Just stop and wait for its landing if you heard the aircraft rumble over your head. The raiders will immediately appear to pick up a pack, but if you kill them, you will have an additional opportunity to get ethanol.

of the new products Far Cry, it is worth saying about expeditions. They will deliver you to different regions. Access to expeditions will open through the helicopter pilot or your menu. In fact, you will look for a certain pack with prey. But the trick is that this pack has a GPS sensor and your enemies will immediately find out that Pak fell into your hands, moreover, they will know exactly your location. Therefore, do not relax.

This is a game from Ubisoft, so there will always be a lot of information on your screen, but your menu is simply stuffed with different options for the user interface. So you can play and turn off everything that prevents you, or vice versa to turn on what doesn’t get it.

Throughout the game you will meet the same woman. If you suddenly noticed her, throw all your affairs and go to communicate with her. She always has useful information for you, for example, about a bunker where reserves are hidden or about a journal in which you can read where there are different objects valuable for you. Even if you stand in the fire, or something else will happen, throw your business and run to talk to it. Well, put out the fire later.

From the moment the game starts you will be charged bonus points for equipment, tests, bunkers, rescue operations with prisoners and more. Do not rush to unlock weapons and other things. The best option is to unlock the weapons slots first. You will have only 2 slots, and you will agree to this too little for the game in Far Cry. You need at least 4 slots to always be fully armed.

Well, and finally. Far Cry has a photo mode that will give you the opportunity to make cool screenshots and not only.

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