Seeker Atlas in Lost Ark: how to fill it

If you are an adventurer, then in the MMORPG LOST ARK, a seeker atlas has been created for you.

The Seeker Atlas has several sections and, in principle, is not complicated in filling. As the Seeker’s atlas fills up, you will receive good awards that can be taken once per account, so before picking up, make sure that the Persian want to get the subject. In addition to the awards in the form of objects, your character will receive additional characteristics.

What is the Seeker's atlas

atlas of the seeker consists of 9 sections.

The plot task

It is necessary to completely close the plot chain of the tasks of Artemis. As you pass the plot, you will notice that the picture in the atlas will become color.


in general, artifacts fall from all monsters of the location, but with a different chance falling out. For example, white artifacts fall most often, respectively, blue and purple are increased rare. In order for the artifact to be recorded in the atlas, you need to click on it PKM. Please note that artifacts are needed in different quantities, for example, whites need 25, and blue 4. Accordingly, to fill this section completely, you need the specified amount of artifacts.


In order to fill out a section with recipes, you will need to:

- buy a dish

- Make it, finding special ingredients

- Get in a reward

by receiving one of the options for the dish, you need to click on them PKM in the inventory and their recipe will be written into the atlas.


panoramas are special places that can be seen from a bird's flight. Each location has several such places.


In order to fill out the section of the atlas of the dungeon, you need to go through all the indicated dungeons 1 time. Please note that you need to go through both ordinary and heroic regimes. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can always join the group and quickly run them with other players.

Unique opponents

unique opponents are elite, They are located on each location and in dungeons. Kill them 1 time, and knowledge of them itself will be displayed in the atlas.


Bosses include strong monsters who have a certain revival time, and which are not able to kill alone.

Additional stories

Additional stories can be studied during side tasks, dialogues with NPS or examining any objects.

Hidden stories

Each location has its own hidden stories. You just need to find the place where this story is hiding. In addition, some stories can stretch to several locations.


In order to fill this scale, you need to pump a reputation (friendship) with certain NPS.


In order to fill out the portal section, you just need to activate all the portals in this area.

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