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I love games and put my soul into my work. Once I just liked to share information about games with my friends, prompt, make small "passes" for them and help in solving game difficulties. When a lot of information accumulated, the idea was born to create a site, not only for friends, but for everyone who is interested in the topics that I write and who need little help and a hint.

some of you asked me if there is whether there is if there is A way to support the site using sponsorship.

I strive for the site of the orbit of the Games to be free for everyone and rely solely on advertising as the main source of income.

But you know how the Internet works today. Almost everyone uses one or another way to avoid advertising. That's why I ask those who want to support the site, just not to block advertising, or add the site to the exceptions of the lock.

However, some people do not like when advertising appears on the site that they love and want support. And here Patreon came in handy. I reviewed different options, but Patreon is quite a simple and common option to support any creative project.

with it, you can support the site "Orbit of the games" directly.


Thank you For support to all subscribers of the orbit! Your contribution allows you to not only improve the site, but also add more material.

Patreon is a kind of subscription, when a fixed fee is removed every month, but this does not mean that you cannot refuse subscription when you You can’t or do not want to be a cartridge and support the site, you can always refuse subscription in Patreon's personal account.

All cartridges receive a separate entrance with authorization on the site, thanks for the support!

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