Teamfight Tactics: Guide for beginners

If you want to enjoy the Teamfight Tactics mode of the popular Moba League of Legends yourself or just see how someone else plays, you must first find out what is happening on the screen. It can be a little complicated for beginners, but you do not need to be an expert LOL to choose TFT. If you are a beginner, this guide from PCGAMER will lead you through all the foundations of the game and explain some systems that are not immediately clear.

So what is Teamfight Tactics?

P>In Teamfight Tactics, you are fighting with seven other players, each of whom builds a constantly changing team of champions for several rounds. The Autobattler genre got its name because you do not control these units directly. Instead, they fight automatically, and you must create an effective team and arrange them.

If you win the round against another player, you will harm his health. The amount of damage that you apply depends on how many your champions are still alive, and increases exponentially along the game. As your strategy develops, you will need to adapt to your opponents and reduce them in order to ultimately become the last player.

To do this successfully, you will try to buy the best champions that you can use the gold that you are you Get at the end of each round. When buying copies of the same champion, you improve them, making them more powerful, and you can equip them with various items that improve their characteristics. Since the strategy is key, you should pay attention to your golden income, the interaction between the characters and how to make the necessary items.

Esports, TSM organization has an excellent video introduction to TFT, which is worth watching.

How is the game arranged?

Teamfight tactics are divided into rounds, in most of which you will fight with teams of other players who are inappropriate for a friend friend. The rest are divided between fighting with the enemies of the NPC for a chance to get an object and rounds, where you will gain new champions from a rotating carousel.

Before the start of each round, you will have a short period of time to make any purchases and reorganization that you are want to. This is your chance to exchange the champions between the board and the bench area, because after the start of the battle you can no longer do it.

each round will also bring automatic gold and experience. Gold is used to buy champions, acquire bonus experience and for accidental choice of champions that you can buy every round. Experience will increase your level, will allow you to set more champions for the round and give you access to more rare and strong champions.

This is what the main game zone

Your first steps on the Teamfight Tactics board will show you the initial champion carousel and allow you to choose one by moving your character over them. After that, you return back to your own board, putting you face to face with where you will see most of the rest of the game. This is why each area.

- the "Refresh" and "Buy experience" buttons: "update" is used to change the accidental choice of the champions sold, and "buy experience" gives you 4 XP to increase the level.

- Shop: five champions currently available for purchase, along with their details and costs. It automatically changes each round, but you can replenish it by 2 gold. The current amount of gold is on the choice of which you can lead to see what your income for the course is currently.

- Scoreboard: Here you can see in what position you are and how much health you have Along with everything else in the game. You will also find a button that will open the data screen showing what damage your champions caused in the last round. When you press the enemy portraits, your camera moves to their board so that you can see what is happening with your enemies.

- Strengthening: It describes in detail what effect your existing champions provide. More about this later.

- Strengthening: It describes in detail what effect your existing champions provide. More about this later.

- gold in banks: these nests show how much gold you and your enemies are. It will also help you track how many percent you will earn a round. For every 10 gold that you have (up to 50), you earn another gold for the round.

- Round Tracker: shows at what stage and in which round you are, how much time is left on it and what will happen in future rounds.

- Hand: The champions you have purchased are going to nine slots on your land, and the champions with whom you are fighting, go anywhere in the 6 × 3 region on Playground.

- Inventory of objects: This area is near the place where your avatar is also a repository of the objects that you collected.

- Chat window: shows messages from the players, And also tracks when opponents update their champions.

What is an enhancing effect and objects?

The enhancing effect is an important part of your strategy. Each champion has a pair of shortcuts indicating the enhancing effect of which they are. This synergy is activated when you set enough champions of this label to reach one of the thresholds that you can see on the left edge of the screen. As soon as they are activated, synergy gives some effect to some or all your champions.

For example, the presence of two ice champions gives them both a 20 percent chance to stun enemies for two seconds when attacking, while with two imperials One of them randomly gets a double damage effect. Each round. The presence of a larger number of champions of a certain type can also increase the strength of synergy. For example, the presence of four ice characters increases the probability of stunning to 30 percent.

some labels even have congenital abilities - like sorcerers that receive a double mana from attacks - which are always active regardless of how much you expose.

items can be equipped with champions to increase their characteristics and give them new abilities that are often extremely powerful. During the rounds, when you are fighting with NPC susters, everyone has a chance to release a random base item. To get an item, you can click on the avatar with your right button and find it.

each of the basic objects gives a small bonus when you equip them with the champions, and when you put the second basic item for the champion, they unite, Forming a new item with basic bonuses and a powerful new effect. It is important to find out what objects are doing and what are their combinations so that you can formulate strategies for which the champions will benefit from their use.

different tips

- You can sell the champions for their total cost of gold, dragging them to the area of ​​purchases in the center from the bottom.

- the sold champions are returning your things for reuse.

- carefully plan your items , you cannot combine objects with a character who already has a basic item.

- the list of champions sold is updated for free at the beginning of each round. to see their information card, which includes information about basic statistics and what makes their ability.

- you can drag objects on the champions even during a combat round, just be careful.

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