Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: 5 tips for the beginning of the game

If you decide to play the shooter Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, then 5 small tips to start the game.

The events of your game will develop on the high -tech island of Auroa. This is the island filled with mercenaries, mud and danger, this is what should provoke you first collect all the information about the enemy and place of location before you start the fight. For this, this guide.

These few tips should help you prepare for battles in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, as well as familiarize you with some survival bases.

Be scout!

All fights in Breakpoint will depend exclusively on how much you were able to get information about the enemy. You must study the area, find out information about the armament and equipment of the enemy, its cover and retreat options before you deliver the first blow. It is this information that will affect what your fight will be smooth or just felting in the mud during shooting.

For this, you need to find a suitable shelter next to the enemy and activate the drone (by default, button X). Thus, you can observe the area from a height, as well as establish surveillance of the enemy’s movement, find out approximate information about his equipment, level and fractions to which he belongs.

Be sure to use a minimal. It is on it that you can see where the enemy group is located (in the form of red spots on the minicart). Of course, this will not save you from the awaiting ambush, but at least you will save yourself from surprise and will be ready to accept the fight.

Always try to stay unnoticed

P>To yell and speak loudly not the best option in Breakpoint, first of all you are a ghost, so you need to act like a ghost, that is, slowly and quietly. It is much harder if you play solo, and you understand that you should not expect reinforcements.

If we compare with Wildlands, then in Breakpoint the secrecy system is much more complicated. Almost every rustle plays a role here. After all, the enemy can detect you not only visually, but also on sounds, shots, corpses that you left in the last shootout. In addition, the area is constantly patrolled by road patrols and helicopters, which are trying to catch you.

This is where the new Breakpoint disguise system should be used, which is just an ideal find.

In order to become completely invisible, use natural soil, you can fall out in the mud, which will give you the opportunity to completely merge with the soil. This is a great trick that gives you the opportunity to remain invisible until the enemy comes close to you. The same technique can be used against reconnaissance devices, the purpose of which is to track your location.

naturally during such a disguise, you cannot move, but if you save the leaves on you during crawling, you can go unnoticed.

Attach the goals

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, an amazing target system, and you should get acquainted with it before you start side missions. You can track any goal, whether weapons or investment, just use the Tab button. The best thing in this system is that all attached goals will be displayed by color encoding.

Be careful to yourself

The most important change in Breakpoint is of course this increased accent on survival. If you decide to ignore your state of health, then in course it will turn out to be bad for you. Only two chips of the survival system: your endurance and trauma.

Endurance indicates not only the distance that you can overcome, but also how smooth you can do this. If your endurance is over, you simply, for example, fall off the elevation and while you roll down, get damage. Endurance has a feature - automatic recovery, but this happens only if you stop making the movements that consume it. In addition, you can completely exhaust endurance if you go beyond the limit of the limit. All you can do to return your endurance is to drink clean water.

The second point is injuries. They affect your health scale. If you have fallen or made an unsuccessful shot, you will get an injury. If you have received 2 injuries, you will have a critical trauma that will slow down your movement, and you will begin to limp. In order to cure yourself, you will need disposable syringes, or an endless first -aid kit, but when using it you will not be able to move. The best option is to be treated at any possible moment, because you do not know, perhaps the next turn will be an enemy ambush.

In order for injuries and fatigue to be less, use temporary buffs through the "Preparation" menu. For example, food adds 40% resistance to injuries.

Play the cooperative

If you play in a cooperative, this may have a pleasant bonus. It is your partners that will help you quickly find the enemy, will be able to arrange you, stand by the gun while you are traveling on the vehicle and the most cool almost immediately destroy 12 enemies at once.

I hope that these tips will help you live long enough to destroy enemies and stay whole.

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