What PVP options are waiting for you at MMORPG New World

In the MMORPG New World from Amazon, the PVP direction plays a rather important role. Of course, there are many other things, for example, the creation or research of a card in search of goals of tasks or resources. And if you strive to move forward in Aeternum, then perhaps the information below will reveal new information for you.

PVP is not mandatory in New World, and you can play MMO without even fighting with other players. However, there are several actions that you miss if you decide to completely exclude the PVP. Here is a small selection of PCGAMER about what you need to know about PVP in New World.

pvp New World: duel

If you are afraid to start trying to try PVP , a duel is a great option to practice in the battle with another player. If you lose, your equipment will remain whole and will not lose its strength, in addition, you should not worry that several players from the warring fractions will attack you.

You can participate in duels as soon as you join Fractions and reach level 10, but they cannot be started inside the settlement or during the war. To start a duel, enter "/ name of the duel player" into the chat window. You can fight alone or in groups, up to 5 players on each side.

PVP New World: Open World

You can put on the label for PVP, pressing the "U" in the settlement or on the altar of teleportation. When you leave the region, the countdown will start to be counted before the PVP tags appear, after which you can attack-and be attacked-any member of the opposing fractions, which also have PVP. It is easy to notice these players, since next to their name will be a red level indicator.

If you investigated most of the Aeternum card, you noticed the forts found in each territory. In fact, these are PVP access points, and in order to enter there, you need to turn on the PVP.

These control points of the fraction work as you should expect: when the faction has more players inside the fort, this fraction It begins to "capture" it, while more players reduce the required time.

You can check the status of these control points on the map. Players belonging to the controlling faction will receive certain awards, being on the territory of the fort, and a unique global buff acting in all areas. P>In addition, there are global buffs, depending on the territory where the control point is located.

PVP New World: Fractions wars

In addition to PVP in the open The world, you have the opportunity to take part in the siege by registering in a military council in the settlement. You can do this as soon as you joined the faction, although you are not guaranteed a place in the battle.

sieges occur when the faction tries to take control of the territory, displacing the current government. After performing a sufficient number of missions of the faction in the area that you want to capture, any guild belonging to the opposing fraction can declare war.

If the guild is large enough to provide all the soldiers for the siege, you cannot take part. Nevertheless, small guilds can look for third -party support.

If you were selected for the battle, you will receive a notification and teleport to the battlefield when the battle begins.

PVP New World: Avvanpost

battles for advanpost is available only after you reach 60 levels. This is the battle of 20 by 20, which takes place on the island of Nauthynos, and you will need to balance the collection of resources, seizure of goals and defeat enemy players, if you want to succeed.

You can stand in line for the battle by talking with NPC in the settlement. You can join the game alone or with a group of up to 5 players, and you will be teleported to the island as soon as you type the required number. You will receive points for holding outposts and killing players, and the first team that scored 1000 points will win in the match.

battles for advanpost gives a number of objects, including unique armor and weapons in The form of rare items.

some tips for New World PVP

1. Study the animation of the weapon

this may seem obvious, but you should study the choice of time for various attacks by weapons - and the skills of movement - and use this in your interests. Knowing not only his own moves, but also the knowledge of how the player attacks, gives you an advantage over someone who has just studied his own set of skills.

2. Use consumables

In addition to potions of health, mana and rejuvenation, do not forget about road rations. They immediately make up for a certain amount of health, and then continue to restore a small amount of HP for 20 minutes. Although they will not become an obstacle to your death, if someone attacks you, the initial effect will stop when you get damage.

3. Learn to crawl

"Z" forces your character to lie down, which is great to sneak somewhere. What does this really convenient is that your nickname will be displayed only for players who are located close to you.

4. Cancel the animation stop after evading

maybe you noticed that your character is a moment for a moment after evading, regardless of the weight of your armor. You can completely avoid this by putting your weapon in the scabbard or switching to another weapon right at the end of the evasion animation.

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