Areania: Dragons and Adventures

MMORPG, 2017

type: browser games

genre: MMORPG

payment: free (free-to-play)

Developer: bbgam

publisher: bbgam

date of exit: May 10, 2017

play areania: Dragons and Adventures: The official site

Browser MMORPG Areania: Dragons and Adventures is represented by users as the world's first Free Browser 3D MMO project. According to the developers, they developed a new technology that makes it possible to launch 3D games in the browser, while without attracting any plugins, and can work in any modern browser. At the same time, you can play it as a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet.

Events of the browser MMORPG Areania: Dragons and Adventures take place in an amazing fantastic world where unprecedented creatures live. The world of Areania is a confusing chain of labyrinths, dungeons, forest thickets and mountain caves. The main city of Afort hides many secrets and secrets in itself, and its multi -tiered system of dungeons hides terrible and dangerous inhabitants. Even the districts of this city are protected by a huge forest, in which a lot of unknown is hidden, and it is simply impossible to get out of it without getting into the adventure.

There are 4 races in the game, while choosing a race, the player immediately determines the class of his character. So, the race of people and dwarves are first -class warriors, and the elves and gnomes are stunning wizards using magic.

In the browser MMORPG Areania: Dragons and Adventures you will face not only terrible monsters, but also with friendly creatures. However, PVVA is not limited by content, PVP is also present in the project. You can start playing you can immediately open the official page of the game, you don’t have to download and install anything, which saves time very much.

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