Board of rage

MMORPG, 2016

type: browser games

genre: MMORPG

payment: free (free-to-play)

Developer: Esprit Games

Publisher: Esprit Games, Gamenet

Date of Output: December 17, 2016

Play free of charge: Official The site

The browser game of the rage blade was created at the end of 2016 by the famous Esprit Games developer. Naturally, as in many other projects, the main plot is the struggle of good and evil. The history of the blade of rage was the following story - the army of demons attacked the world, but the people did not surrender and did not submit to evil evil spirits, but created the lunar legion. That's what it is proposed to join the player, and take the path of struggle with demons.

Features of the game of rage blade:

- Impressive 3D- graphics;

- Dynamic tactical fights with non-good special effects;

- constant intra-IN Events bring diversity to the game;

- the dungeons that are proposed to go through the group;

- four classes of heroes of different specializations;

- a variety of riding maunts;

- weddings (yes, yes, you can play weddings in the game, after which an additional branch of various tasks opens).

Starting in the blade of rage, the player is offered to choose their hero, and there are four of them here: there are four:

- a magician - can increase the characteristics of both one and several characters, at the same time endowed with not little force;

- Paladin - a balanced attack and protection, will be excellent in the first row of the group ;

- A shooter - a good physical attack at a distance;

- Oracle - he is a doctor, causes magical damage and replenishes vitality.

the hero’s appearance, to Unfortunately, you cannot change, but in the game Storemarily diverse costumes and extensions that help not only to come in, but also to increase the basic characteristics of the hero.

After choosing a character, the player is in a beautiful world. At first, the whole game goes with hints, so it’s difficult to get confused. You don’t have to move independently, you just have to click on the task, and the hero moves to the intended point himself.

battles in the blade of rage are automatic, but the player still takes an active part. The player’s task is to correctly calculate his moves and accumulated rage to activate the skill. To replenish his ranks, the player can go into the tavern and hire a hero who will enter the group of his character. And in the future to develop both the main character and the group.

The interface of the game of the blade of rage is affordable and understandable, and the promotion in the game is accompanied by intelligible tips and help. The game is interesting and dynamic, and the battles are accompanied by excellent special effects.

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