Brotherhood of Dominion

Strategy, 2019

type: browser games

genre: Strategy

release date: 2019

platform: browser

payment: Free (free-to-play)

developer: espritgames

publisher: espritgames

play for free of the Brotherhood of Dominion: the official site

Brotherhood of Dominionis an RPG strategy that sends you to Middle -earth with various fantastic creatures. When you start playing, at the start you will be invited to choose the side, this will affect where your city will be. The whole map is divided into 3 fractions, in addition, there is a free area that can be conquered. Your hero is a knight of light, whose task is to be a savior. Initially, you are undergoing a little training of the basics of the game, such as building buildings and their tasks. By opening the building window, you can see its purpose, the number of necessary materials for construction and construction time. You can speed up the construction, but for this you will have to pay. The total number of resources at your disposal is displayed at the top of the screen. And the process of building buildings immediately under the character’s icon, which gives you the opportunity to constantly control the development of your territory.

In addition, you have a lock that can also be improved. When the castle improves, you will increase the maximum number of buildings that can be built on the territory, as well as the maximum number of troops.

you can unite your heroes with troops, for this you will need to open the troops control menu.

During the game, mainly follow the main task, you will receive not only experience for the fulfillment of missions, but also the necessary resources. Or diamonds can be hired by heroes.

Every day you will receive a different number of different awards, for the entrance to the game, for a certain time of online, as well as for the completion of all tasks indicated for this day. The battles occur automatically, although you can switch to manual battle, but your victory will completely depend on the arrangement of your troops and on their pumping. Follow the blue strip, the hero’s energy during the battle, it is she who gives you the opportunity to use heroic skill. You yourself can activate it when you wish. Having defeated the enemy, you get various awards. In order to improve the hero, you need to open the heroes window and improve them in all windows.

there is another option for the battles that occur on the map of the world, where your hero should destroy the bandits. To do this, just send your army to the bandit icon and take the award after the victory.

The social aspect in the game is also well developed, there is a chat where you can chat with other players, as well as guilds in which you can perform joints and have certain bonuses.

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