Drakensang Online

MMORPG, 2011

type: browser games

genre: rpg

payment: free (free-to-polay)

Developer: Bigpoint Berlin

Publisher: Aeria Games

Date of Output: August 01, 2011

Play for free in Drakensang Online: Official site

Drakensang Online with her appearance proved that browser games can be magnificent. The developers achieved maximum realism, conveying the gloomy mood of the terrain and shades of autumn. Thanks to such a game of colors, the game is permeated with mystery and adventure spirit. To make a project with taste and quality, so, playing, you begin to doubt whether this is a browser game.

The developers completely moved away from the ancestor Drakensang Online, changing in the game not only the plot, but also the concept of the game as a whole. The game is made in the Hack and Slash genre (literally "Ruby and Cut"). Therefore, one can say one hundred percent that this is a completely different game.

The game has 4 classes:

- a tracker- a shooter, a shooter sowing death with magical attacks weakening and killing them;

- a ferry-mechanical man- in other words, the master of the distinator, rocket backpacks and fire weapons of his profile;

- the warrior of the dragon is a professional professional;

- the mage of the circle- he is subject to him All elements.

naturally, each class has its own unique skills and knows how to do what the other will not be able to. Proking, skills become more powerful and deadly.

getting into the game, the player to meet with the conductor, he will conduct it through a series of training, and send him to the city of Grimmegstone. The higher the hero, the more cities will open for him. Drakensang Online is full of various game tasks and hordes of monsters, exterminating which the hero will be able to earn the first money.

In general, the project resembles an interesting, thought -out action movie with a combination of MMOs.

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