Fruit wars

MMORPG, 2016

type: browser games

genre: MMORPG

payment: free (free-to-play)

Developer: Esprit Games

Publisher: Esprit Games, Gamenet

Date of Output: 2016

Play for free in fruit wars: Official site

Browser game Fruit Wars was created by the famous Esprit Games in 2016. Fruit wars are a bright browser with cartoon characters, combining Action and RPG. This year the publisher of this colorful toy was also Gamenet. So, in principle, users can easily play both on the developer’s website and the publisher. In general, it cannot be said that fruit wars have some amazing differences from other games of such a genre, but of course she will have her own "buns".

The game of fruit wars is very bright and childishly cartoon, but this does not affect its interestingness. It perfectly combines role -playing interspersed and strategic mechanics.

According to the developer, the game history is as follows. On the continent, Game lived and developed the beautiful kingdom of the lunarium, whose inhabitants were fruit characters. But as in any fairy tale, there will always be someone who wants to appropriate all this beauty. So here, the leader of the demons appeared, who wanted to become the ruler of all this beauty. The player is offered to deal with the forces of evil, performing various missions, tasks, fighting in fights and using magic spells.

Features of fruit wars:

-charming characters-fruits that change their outfits as they pumping (all kinds of cute);

- a pleasant graphic design, bright and dynamic;

- a large list of various tasks, scenarios and other game activity;

- Two warring fractions;

- various inter -gilded PVP battles;

- personal pets, faithful satellites throughout the game;

- a large number of options for raising their combat rating ;

- arenas - single and group;

- auction.

getting into the game you can quickly adapt. Having moved from the window of choosing a character, you immediately get to the main square of the kingdom, where you are very intelligibly and clearly explained in the prompts of what and how to do. You don’t have to move the character in fruit wars, it’s enough just to click on the task and the auto -fall will deliver you where you need. The character’s pumping goes standardly, you get all sorts of buns and experience for battles and tasks. However, here, in addition to the characteristics, it is necessary to increase the rank of the character, the higher the rank of your character, the more and stronger than his skill.

the combat system, as in many other browser games, is a step -by -step battle with the Autoboy. Therefore, you don’t have to think particularly, although the best option is to think through that when to click, to win faster than the hero will kill.

generally the game is not bad, and if you like to go through and perform various tasks, then it For you. However, for those who crave battles with tactical approaches and dynamics, it is clearly not suitable.

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