Omega Tanks

MMO shooter of 2017

type: browser games

genre: shooter, Action

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: gamesofa

publisher: Gamesofa

Date of exit: November 15, 2017

omega tanks - this is a browser MMO shooter in tank topics. This is a project for those lovers of MMO-explosives who have already bored with the seriousness of large projects. The game does not need to be downloaded, but you can immediately plunge into the center of multiplayer battles. By the way, Omega Tanks also has a game client, the graphics are a little better there.

Your main task is in the game, as in principle and in any other tank MMO, that is, choose a car, go to the battlefield, look for enemy, aim, shoot. The damage inflicted is calculated depending on which of the parts of the tank you got: the frontal part, lateral or back.

naturally there are also classes, starting from light tanks.

Yes, the game has a clearly primitive picture, but a vigorous gameplay and an amazing choice of various military equipment delight. And there is also what distinguishes this game from many tank shooters, this is the presence of additional weapons. It is additional weapons that will give you an excellent bonus. For example, you can scan the battlefield, or undermine the bomb with the effect of the enemy’s slowdown, or cure allies.

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