Pirates Code: Tides of Fortune)

Strategy, 2013

Type: Browser games

Genre: Strategy

Payment: Free (free-to-Play)

Developer: Plarium

: Mail.ru Games

Date of Output: January 16, 2013

Play for free to the Pirate Code: Official website

the Pirate Code, or known by the other name Pirates: Tides of Fortune, is a naval military-economic browser game that has gained considerable popularity during this time. Fans of sea adventures connected to the economy and strategy will find in this game everything you need.

Pirate Code enables the user to become the head of the huge pirate island. The player will receive a bloody Mary, who almost on his fingers will tell you what and how to do to get rich and control the island. Of course, personally, the player will not do such dirty business as the murder of neighbors or the robbery of caravans, for this he will have a whole army at his disposal, which requires management and training.

The main resources that can be mined in the Pirate Code is: wood, gold and your favorite pirate drink, rum. It is Rom that gives the army of pirates of strength and power, so it is the most valuable resource. If the player can competently control and rebuild his island, he will miraculously increase. More land is more resources, logic is simple.

Naturally diverse buildings are an integral part of the gameplay process of the Pirate Code. The main classes in the game are of course robberies and the capture of neighboring islands. At the same time, the player can do this with friends, if not very confident in his abilities. And solo can be performed by various quests that will bring rubies necessary for production and construction to the budget.

In general, the game is interesting and long, that is, in a couple of weeks it is unlikely that the player will be able to achieve all the intended goals.

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