Service wars (StormFall: Age of War)

Strategy, 2013

Type: Browser games

Genre: Strategy

Payment: Free (free-to-Play)

Developer: Plarium

: Games

Date of exit: October 07, 2013

Play for free in the wars of thrones: Official site

The browser military-economic online strategy of the "War of Thrones" won the location of so many users. The same project is known abroad as StormFall: Age of War.

The main task of the player is to fight with other players in order to obtain dominance over all the lands of the stormfoll. However, in order to create his indestructible empire, the player will have to try, because this will need considerable development and strengthening of his castle. In order to achieve this naturally, resources are necessary: ​​gold, steel and food (meat), they can be mined... Or you can just go to a neighbor... and take the resources from him by force! At the disposal of the player are 40 diverse units: well -aimed elven, invincible paladins and merciless dragons. Of course, not everyone wants to immediately attack a real enemy, so for starters you can practice dominions, these are camps with various monsters, where the player will be able to check the power of his army. Having defeated the dominions, the player will receive trophies, adds in waxes, resources and experience. In general, the "War of Thrones" has something to do, but to achieve great goals, logical and strategic thinking will be required. True, there is one small minus of this splendor - this is a donat, because Accelerated development can only be obtained for sapphires that can only be purchased for real money. But in general, the game is interesting and exciting, a lot of battles, tactical moves and various tricks.

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