Sparta Empire War: War of Empires)

Strategy, 2014

Type: browser games

Genre: Strategy

Payment: free (free-to-play)

Developer: Plarium

: Mail.Ru Games

Date of exit: June 17, 2014

Play for free in Sparta: Empire War: Official site

Browser military-economic online strategy "Sparta: Empire War" with good graphics and a rich selection of troops. At its core, the game, like other strategies, does not represent anything new, but if you understand the details, then there will be tangible differences.

, first it is worth mentioning that the atmosphere of the game and the environment fully correspond to the spirit of ancient Sparta, that The sound accompaniment of the game also emphasizes.

The main goal of the game "Sparta: The Empire War" is battles with other users and power battles. The principle of achieving the goal, as in other similar games, the construction of structures, the development of the army, the extraction of resources.

The hiring of troops was the interesting difference between this game, because Hiring wax is possible only when the player has a concluded agreement with one of the states. At the same time, each state can give you specific units - arrows, scouts, etc. In total, the game provides more than 30 units.

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