Tale of Abyss

KKI, 2018

type: browser games

genre: KKI

Strong>Payment: Free (free-to-play)

developer: espritgames

publisher: Espritgames

Release date: August 20, 2018

play for free in Tale of Abyss: Official site

Tale of Abyssis a browser card game in the style of fantasy. At the basis of Tale of Abyss, a fascinating, dynamic combat system, a beautiful arrangement of a battle with bright special effects, a variety of development of maps and much more.

The game begins with the battle, then you find yourself in a village, and then, in principle, everything as usual. The plot of the game is that you have to save humanity from evil mutants and their boss Archidemon. Moreover, from the very beginning, no one really believes you that you have met these mutants at all.

But you still decide to go to the end, and will go in search of fragments of a bloody stone that can stop the king of demons.

Gradually, as the tasks are completed, you will open new functions that will appear in your lower right corner of the screen. Such as a desire where you can call an avatar. The avatar, where all your avatars will gather and you can pump them there. And the plot, branches of plot battles and tasks.

For completing the assignment, you are given avatars (these are your bead cards), which have their own unique abilities. They can be pumped in a special window, for this you will need the sphere of grandeur, soul of nature, the soul of time, etc., which you will also receive for completing tasks. Avatarov must be pumped, and not only combat, but healers also, because You won’t stretch for a long time without a hil.

The battles with the enemy resemble a modern version of KKI, while you can use both autobos and yourself to use units for battle. To turn off the autoboy, click in the lower right corner - cancellation. The field is divided into two zones - yours and the enemy. Each zone has special squares where you place your heroes. Naturally, each unit has its own characteristics, however, you will only get unit when energy is filled, and the card will become illuminated.

PVP lovers will like the moment that there is an arena in the project where you can measure the strength with real players. Having defeated the enemy, you will also receive a rewards and points of the rating.

In addition, the social function is well implemented, Tale of Abyss has a chat and guild. You can create a guild, or submit an application to the interaction that is already existing through the chat.

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