The country of warriors

MMORPG, 2017

type: browser games

genre: MMORPG

payment: free (free-to-play)

Publisher: Gamenet

Date of exit: March 27, 2017

play for free in the country of warriors: official website

on the Gamenet platform A new exclusive browser MMORPG country of warriors appeared. The country of warriors is bright, rich, with a well -designed and worked out game world, filled with impressive special effects and soft animation of characters.

The plot of the game unfolds in ancient China during the struggle for power. The player is invited to join one of the parties and make his contribution to historical events.

The country of warriors is fascinating adventures based on real events, and the characters became famous faces of history. MMORPG the country of warriors is saturated with oriental legends and colorful animation.

The main features of the country of warriors:

- the game is permeated by the spirit of ancient China, legends, legends, traditions;

- locations and characters are prototypes of real places and people;

- the easy and quick development of the basics of the game;

- three classes of characters;

- a wide variety of daily tasks;

- Totalizer of the battles in the arena;

- Helpers of the character with their unique stories;

- the application of the battle order for the placement of warriors during the battle.

The game begins standard with the choice of a character, in the choice window you are offered 3 classes: a warrior, a magician and an archer. In choosing a character, there are both male and female characters. We choose, call on the road. The whole game is permeated by the Chinese spirit, sound accompaniment is also in the Chinese style, in general, the real atmosphere of ancient China. Starting to play, you understand that the game is really very dynamic, so dynamic that you do not have time to click on the dialogs. The whole task of the player is to press a pop -up dialogue, while the character moves on auto -gun on his own. But this is at first glance. The battles in the country of warriors are step -by -step and automatic, so in principle you will not have to do anything. If you do not want to watch the battle and wait for its completion, you can just press the button at the bottom of the screen by the quick completion and the battle will end. However, this function will become available only from level 30. The character is very fast, in 10 minutes of the game, your character can easily become 22 levels. But, besides the fact that the character receives all sorts of bonuses, buns, equipment, weapons and warrior assistants, he can receive the title. The title gives bonuses to character characteristics. Warriors in your detachment can not only fight with you shoulder to shoulder, but you can improve them, train, increase their level and strength. There are legions in the country of warriors, something like a guild, you can create your own, or you can enter into a choice or automatically. Participating in tournaments, the character increases his reputation. For the accumulated reputation, the player will be able to purchase rare objects. After registering, the character can get a fragment of the horse. And having reached level 31, the player receives a snow -white horse. Of course, there is an interaction between players: chat, friendship, fights. For your stay in the game, you also get a variety of useful objects and bonuses. In addition, taking part in the miracle of the event, the player receives daily awards. In general, the game has, does not strain, and has an interesting plot.

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