Weapons of the goddess (Legacy of Queens)


type: browser games
genre: MMORPG
Payment: Free (free-to-Play)
developer: TW Webgames
publisher: Gamenet
Date of exit: April 23, 2015
play for free in the arms of the goddess: Official site

The weapon of the goddess is a browser MMORPG, known all over the world as Legacy of Queens, managed to publish several publishers on its way and take a walk on social networks.

In order to start playing you will need to include Adobe Flash Player in your browser .

According to the plot of the game, you have to assemble your shock team, while the support of the goddesses will need to fight with various opponents in dungeons and on arenas.

starting to play, you have to decide on the choice of which class you will play. There are only three classes, and they are divided into two sexes- a man and a woman.


- a ranger, a little archer, uses critical blows with a high attack;


- a knight, perfectly knows how to block strikes, has high protection, health;

- a pirate, can perfectly evade the enemy attack, easily uses weapons.

Separately, it is worth saying about Goddesses. The goddesses here, to put it mildly, are erotic ladies who are exposed as your intimacy grows. The level of proximity can be pumped by winning a "stone, scissors, paper" in the mini-game. Every day you have 5 attempts to play in a mini-game. If you are lucky, you get 3 intimacy points, if not 1. You need to get closer to the goddesses, since it adds a tangible bonus to your characteristics. P>

All you need to complete the tasks is just click on the assignment, and automatically you will come to the necessary NPS. The battles during tasks are also automated. To get additional glasses, you can train.

After the level 15, you can take part in various PVE and PVP orientations, but you can visit the PVP-Arena already at 17, but you can only fight daily in the arena.

from the 25th level you can get ore in the mine, the mined ore can be exchanged for useful resources.

The game also has group dungeons, pets and even the estate.

In general, the toy is not binding and not straining, accompanied by pleasant calm music, though the graphics are weak, but the goddesses are well drawn.

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