A: IR - ascent: infinite realm

MMORPG, Release date - in development

type: client games

genre: MMORPG

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: Bluehole

publisher: Kakao Games

Platform: PC

Date of output:in development

Play Ascent: Infinite Realm: The official website

For several years now, the ASCENT: Infinite Realm project or abbreviated A: IR is in active development. Previously, this project was known as Project W.

a: IR is the new MMORPG, which is developed on the Unreal Engine 3. Under the idea of ​​developers, the players will not be a problem to rise to the sky, or to start the battle on the ground . And if there is a sky, then there are personal aircraft. The game provides for various world events that will not let the players get bored. Pumping in Ascent: Infinite Realm is quite standard: tasks, farm monsters, events, etc. In addition, various mini-games will contain.

What is A: IR (ascent: infinite realm)? They meet with magic

the task of players will be the restoration of the lost territory and the study of the unknown world. The character has a chance to write his story, where cars and magic will be interpreted.

multidimensional game: covering both the earth and the sky

you can conquer the sky, reaching the airships and incredible peaks! Vehicles and fasteners serve as a means of movement, strategic weapons in PVP and a means of cooperation with players. The airships of all sizes and various aircraft will provide you with excellent combat experience in the air.

The sky is not the limit

you can create your own battle style. You can configure the complexity of hunting grounds and dungeons so that your personal trip is unique. Enrich your experience by setting up your airships, collecting fasteners and finding a place that you can call the house.

flight: the prelude to the air rvr (mass PVP)

a huge sky a: IR openly For adventure. Using airships, flying supports or free fall, you can experience multidimensional battles with the help of battles in the air.

My real estate: Alpha and omega gameplay

The estate is your world. Explore the surrounding areas, build your estate and configure its components to do everything on your own. You can also work with your neighboring estates to create a community and study more.


in a: IR at the moment there are 5 unique classes, each of which has a special style of play And the role in groups, which we will talk about in detail, and also look at some of their skills and complexity assessment. In addition, each class will have 2 subclasses.

military leader (male) is the commander of the combat team.

The military leader does not need a detailed description; His combat skill speaks for itself. Possessing an excellent physique, the military leader has a massive hammer and a giant shield that he uses in defense of his allies or destroys enemies. In the group, the military leader acts as a tank, placing itself in the center of monsters aggression. They succeed in soaking a large amount of damage and protecting the group from danger.


- a charge: a military leader waves a giant military hammer, attacking the nearest target. More slowly than other attacks, this skill is lacking in maneuverability, but it more than compensates for reliable heavy blows.

is an armadillo: This protective skill allows the military leader to endure destructive attacks using his shield. Although this skill does not give special offensive abilities, it can be used to survive in situations where others cannot survive.

military leaders have very high protection and decent utility, with an average force of attack and a critical blow. This makes them ideal for players who are interested in applying decent damage while maintaining their own safety. The only drawback of the military leader is its limited range of attack and reduction in the speed of attack.

the sorceress (female floor) - Magic art master

with its acute feelings and innate witchcraft controls the arsenal of spontaneous magic. Although she lacks the complete protection of other classes, she more than compensates for this, destroying enemies before they can get to her. In groups, the sorceress can be an ideal source of damage, since a long radius of action can help them avoid danger, but it is important for them to pay attention to the aggression of the monster.


- frost: maximize The power of the magic of your type of frost, slowing or freezing your enemies to get a critical attack.

- Flame: Despite the fact that it is slower than other spells, the obvious destructive power and range of this magic are ideal for the fight with several enemies.

The sorceress has an exceptionally high force of attack, which very well complements its large range of attack and a high critical blow.

arrow, armed bandit (male gender) - hardened by the battle

The arrows have unshakable determination and relate to the battlefield, as to the playground. If you need to make a cool shot or create a volley of powerful explosions, the shooter will always determine the battle in its favor. This ability to form the battle is made by the shooter an excellent companion for a group game.


- fast fire: one bullet released during fast fire may not be so destructive, but speed Double pistols solves everything. In addition, this tactic gives the arrow improved combat mobility, since you do not need to stop moving to use it.

- sniper: with an exact rifle, each shot becomes fatal. The load time is relatively long, and mobility is somewhat limited when using this tactic, but it most often makes critical strokes.

the arrows have the largest range of any class, which makes them almost immortal and a formidable enemy, especially in Combining with their high force of attack and moderate defense, the speed of attack and a critical blow.

Assassin (female gender) - a cruel kiss of death

A whisper in the dark and the flash of steel - the only signs of an assassin. These death suppliers are not going to repent; Deadly damage is their strength. In the group game, assassins can help a group of scouts in dangerous zones or manage air attacks by opponents.


- an attempt: using two daggers, assassin appears beyond their goal, and then completes the task . With an incredibly speed of attack, enemies will not be able to immediately understand what is happening, and it will be too late.

- Shadow: Use various shadow mannequins to distract attention from yourself, while maintaining an amazing range of your goal.<

Assassins have the fastest attack and a critical blow from all classes. Due to their limited range and moderate protection, this is considered one of the most complex game styles.

mystic (female gender)-the embodiment of the blessing of nature

behind its children's appearance, the mystic controls the forces of nature. Mystics help their allies through healing magic, simultaneously punishing the attacking from afar. In the group game, they really shine. Support is the main concept of this class, and their attention is focused on helping allies to live, safely and ready to resist any problem or danger.


- luminosity: mystic conveys energy Sveta to attack your enemies. This will weaken the enemy, leaving a sign of light on them if they are stupid enough to persist, and mystic can cause even greater damage due to the sign of light.

-Greens: The mystic supports his allies, directing the energy of nature . Healing of himself and allies can largely contribute to the victory of the team.

Mystic has a large range of attack, with a moderate attack force and the speed of attack. Her defense and critical blow are low, but it can overcome them with the help of the corresponding strategy and healing, which makes it a good choice for beginners and veterans.

System requirements


OS: Windows 7 x64

processor: Intel Core i3 1200 (3.1GHZ)


video card: GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R9 280

DirectX: 11


OS: Windows 10 x64

processor: Intel Core i5 1600 (3.2GHZ)

RAM: 16 GB

video card: GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 580

DirectX: 11

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