Age of Wushu 2 (legends Kung Fu 2)

Developer MMORPGAGE of Wushu 2 (legends Kung Fu 2)is the Chinese studio Snail Games known in the CIS countries as the creator of legend Kung Fu. According to the developers of this project, the game will work on the modern Unreal Engine 4 engine, it will be a sandbox with MMO components. In addition, in Age of Wushu 2, a very strong interaction of the player with the environment, graphics and special effects of the highest level is planned, as well as the maximum realism of characters and animation.

Type: Client Games


payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: Snail Games

Publisher: Snail Games

Platform: PC

Date of Output: December 31, 2018

site: go

the main feature of the world Age of Wushu 2 will be survival, because climatic and weather conditions will be have a huge impact in the project. A special feature will be the moment of interaction with the NPC, because the NPS will be able to unite in alliances in the game, build fortifications and be a real threat to the player. Everything that the player will do in the game world Age of Wushu 2 will fully affect the environment.

the Snail Games studio has abandoned the standard battle system, in this project the player will have to determine the enemy’s state during the PVP to visually Understand how he feels. You will not find health scales here. Naturally, if the character was injured, then his combat effectiveness will decrease. The maximum proximity to reality.

besides everything above, you can add only one thing, even if the player is outside the game, his character continues to play, and it may happen that during your absence he will fall into trouble. That is why before leaving the game, the player will have to take care of the secluded place of his character’s stay.

Starting, the player comes to the world of Age of Wushu 2 absolutely with nothing, then There is almost naked. But as he moves in the game, he is overgrown with things, knowledge, etc., is it not really reminiscent of the real world?

at the moment it is not yet clear how the game will spread, but the first test is intended for 1 quarter of 2017.

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