Albion Online

sandbox MMORPG, output date - July 17, 2017

type: client games

genre: MMORPG, sandbox

Release date: July 17, 2017

platform: PC

PaymentPayment/Strong>: Free (free-to-Play)

developer: Sandbox Interactive GmbH

Publisher: Sandbox Interactive GmbH

play free in Albion Online: Official site

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Strong>Albion Onlineis the MMORPG sandbox, which is actively striving to deviate from many factors that make the MMORPG genre by a homogeneous mass. Albion Online was able to combine the elements of many games.

In Albion Online, the only thing that resembles the plot of the game is an introductory video that says that the recently open continent of Albion is the Earth for someone who is ready to withstand a dangerous journey into a bright future. There are several training missions and small stories in which the fractions going against the will of the king are involved. Maybe you will be a collector, maybe you will be a craftsman, maybe you will be a great warrior. One of the main advantages of Albion Online is the fact that the game is almost completely controlled by players, and therefore history is what you do. The game allows you to write your own story, which sounds cool, but you must remember that you are in a world full of people who do the same. So the competition is tough.

in Albion Online, you can build your own cities, and with their correct execution, they can become the main area for the zone in which they are located. In addition, they can also be built in such a way that other players can not enter them. You also have the opportunity to build farms and take control of entire cities. In other words, Albion allows you to control the whole world and provides you with options that almost no MMORPG gave you earlier.

in Albion Online instead of reaching higher levels, you need to focus on certain skills, and The tree of fate will show you what you need to do to unlock the following ability. This includes the ability to collect the best resources, wear better equipment, ride faster horse, etc.

regarding PVP, then there are several zones in the game. The biggest difference between the red and black zones is that in the red zone you can see how many enemies in the zone, looking at the map. In black areas you will not be able to see enemies, and you will essentially be on your own. If you do not know the cards well, then you will definitely find yourself in a disadvantage, so do not rush.

To answer the general question: yes, you can lose all the equipment of your hero if you are attacked in the red or black zone, so keep it in your mailbox until you get a little more experience and until you advance A little further in the tree of fate.

Albion Online has a good chat interface, and ultimately it all depends on your ability to work with other players. You can do this alone, but after a while you will become lonely, and you will not be able to use more advanced functions, such as building a castle. Although guilds have a limited number of slots available for players, you can create related guilds and alliances.

System requirements


OS: Windows: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64-bit)

processor: Intel/AMD CPU with SSE2


Video card: Video card with DirectX support 10 or higher

DirectX: versions 10

Place on the disk: 2 gb


OS : Windows 10 (64-bit)

processor: Intel/AMD CPU with SSE2


Video card: Video card with DirectX 10 or support or video card or Above

DirectX: versions 10

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