Ar: Piel Online (Arpiel)

MMORPG, Release date - February 01, 2018

type: Client games

genre: MMORPG

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: ngine studios

publisher: Esprit Games LLC

Platform: PC

Date of release: February 01, 2018

play for free in ar: piel online: official website

ar: piel online in the game style resembles a well -known diablo, but performed in Korean variation. A characteristic feature of such projects is that action, explosions and heaps of meat fit on one square of the area. In general, the developers did not think up and invent something and, in principle, they came out a dynamic anime-toy.

According to the history of the game, once there was order and grace. But those who did not want to live according to the rules appeared, and, having betrayed the main canons, they destroyed the magic mirror that served as the protection of the world. Together with the mirror, laws that helped keep order were destroyed, and darkness fell into the world. The ancient sages decided to restore order and take revenge on the culprits. But the task of restoring the destroyed world was not easy, because it was necessary to collect all the fragments of a magic mirror. In addition, there was a certain prophecy telling that children will appear who can fight evil and restore the world. Then the sages came to the conclusion that it was necessary to create an academy in order to convey knowledge to the heirs and went in search of "children of prophecy." After a while, one of the students of the Academy becomes a leader and mentor.

in the game of 6 classes:

The sorceress Irene - owns white and spontaneous magic.

Machine Machine Yua - perfectly owns a blade, but does not refuse to use various poisonous potions and magical potions.

Fighter Kyle - his weapon - claws, perfectly owns martial arts and team game. Nearby fighter.

engineer Lou - paired pistols are her favorite toys, in addition, she has a talent to create magical armor.

Klevod Cecile - she owns excellent..... In fact, it calls for various creatures.

Din shooter - excellent shoots from the rifle.

each class has a decent number of skills, but not all of them can be used in the dungeons.

The main feature of the game is the destruction of evil spirits in the dungeons, that is, Danji, which is clearly not a game of solo, so you will have to get your team. But do not think that ar: piel is a round -the -clock killing of monsters, no, there are also peaceful classes: craft, gathering, trade, and of course personal apartments.

regarding PVP, unfortunately, unfortunately It is not known that the developers promise in the future PVP zones or arena will be introduced.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements
OS: Windows 7 | Windows XP SP3
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
video card: DirectX 9.0C compatible (Pixel Shader 3.0) | GeForce 7900
Memory: 2GB
Place on the disk: 4gb
DirectX: 9
The availability of an internet connection

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