ArcheAageat one time was a very expected project, people lined up to get to the ZBT. When such an opportunity appeared, the first days to enter the game really had to defend the virtual queue, because The passage of servers was low. However, even this did not stop the players, in principle, the localizers then corrected this, and entering the game became easier.

Type: Client games


payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: XL Games

publisher: trion worlds, Games

platform: PC

Release date:December 03, 2012

site: go

the world Archeage is simply huge, lovers of high -quality MMORPG immediately feel that in this The project is literally everything, but the graphics are simply amazing. Here, both an ordinary farmer and an avid adventurer, can find its calling. At the first stages of the game, the impression was made that the game was released in rawed form, but after a while the game was finalized and, in principle, and today they continue to improve their new ideas for attracting the people.

The most impressive in Archeage is of course marine Content, it is well worked out here. There are sea battles, and hunting for sea monsters, fishing, and much more. Most likely, this is the main feature of this project, because so far in this aspect, not a single project has been able to surpass Archeage. The most stunning and memorable clash of two warring galleons, this amazing action should be seen by every player.

the player who has mastered flights on a glader, will appreciate them. Having jumped from a huge cliff, soar over the gorgeous landscapes and sea abuts, exciting and impressive. The game is saturated with fantastic views, various loopholes and secrets.

in general, Archeage is simply amazing. The moment of guilds has been well worked out. The guild can make its guild house for public use. If you play 2-3, you can create a family, and use it together with one property and a chest. A sea of ​​quests, various dungeons, adventures - in general, the game has where it will unfold and not bad enough.

but... there is archeage, to put it mildly, a minus is a garden, then this is a garden, then this is a garden There is farming. Without it, it is almost impossible to live in Archeage, it is the main source of income, and this exciting activity takes a lot of time. At first it even brings pleasure, but on the day a day from the garden begins to just feel sick. Although this is of course an amateur.

But if we omit some moments, the game is interesting, exciting and fascinating. In addition, the project does not stand still, it lives and develops.

System requirements

file Archeageloader.exe will take about 5 MB, and the game will take about 40 GB.

Minimum requirements:

CPU Intel Core Duo


gpu nvidia GeForce 8000

512MB (Radeon HD 4000 512MB)

windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Recommended requirements:

CPU Intel Core i5

Ram 4gb Ram 4gb

gpu nvidia gts250 1GB (Radeon HD 4850 1GB)

windows vista , Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64-bit versions)

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