Collectible card game, release date - November 28, 2018

Type: Client games

genre: KKI

payment: a one -time purchase

developer: valve

publisher: Valve

platform: PC

date of exit: November 28, 2018

play In Artifact: The official site

download artifact in Steam

artifact- this is a collectible card game from the creators of popular Dota2 and Steam projects. According to the developers, the project is created so that the players who are fond of the KKI genre can feel the real quality of the game.

What is an artifact project, about which only one intriguing teaser has been released to this day.

Each player during the game can use three game fields, heroes cards, abilities and appearing creeps. A larger number of figures can only work in one "line", but there are figures whose action applies to the entire gaming zone. In order to win, you will need to eliminate all the towers of 40 HP for 2 out of 3 fields, or destroy one tower and eliminate the throne from 80 nr.

in the project 280 existing cards, including 44 heroes. The initial actions on the "lines" occur automatically. Maps perform attacking actions directly or obliquely. If there is no enemy ahead, the card will be destroyed by the tower. If the hero was destroyed, then he will be able to resurrect only after one move. Although there are exceptions for green characters. By earning money in battles, you can purchase various items to improve the main indicators. In order to change the situation on the field, you can apply various abilities.

Game cards can be distinguished 4 types. Red color is power, they break through heavily. Black color is fantomic assassins, applied decently damage, even on several lines. Blue is magicians, their position is good from the back. Green - support, help others on the field, give buffs and chil. The minimum of cards in the deck can be 40, in addition, it should be only two colors. There is no maximum limit.

each round you will receive 1 unit mana. For each hero there are various rare equipment that can be bought for gold. Gold can be obtained by destroying enemy cards.

System requirements

the minimum

OS: Windows 7 and above

processor: processor: processor: processor: Intel i5, 2.4 GHZ


video card: Integrated HD Graphics 520 W/128 MB

Place on the disk: 7 gb

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