Hybrid MMORPG made in fantasy style with elements of card games, output date - in the development of

type: client games

genre: MMORPG

payment: free (Free-to-Play)

Developer: Studio 8

Publisher: Gamenet

Platform: PC

Date of exit: in development

play for free in Astellia: the official website

Astellia is a hybrid MMORPG made in fantasy style with elements of card games. The Unreal Engine 3. According to the developers, this is a project, where the player will fight, as it were, a team from their pets Astelllov. In addition to PVE, the project has ordinary monsters, dungeons and raids, PVP is also planned, more reminiscent of arenas and duels.

The developers did not think particularly and made a standard class system. In total, the game of grades 5: warrior, shooter, killer, magician and priest. Accordingly, their roles are classic.

During the game, players will have to find various cards that will allow Astelles to call, powerful creatures that have their own unique abilities. It is this interesting system of Astelllov that will become the basis of the whole game. At the same time, only three Astells can be called. So assistants can heal the hero, protect or vice versa to cause additional damage to the enemy. The game has a large number of astellums with different characteristics and ranks. In addition, they can be improved and pumped, respectively, they become stronger. Astells are combined into several groups of a certain orientation and force of action.

In Astellia there are collective professions, choosing one, you can develop only it, pumping to a certain level. The higher the level of the profession, the more rare resources you can find.

in general, the game was interested in, but, according to players abroad, who have already visited the first ZBT of the project, the game does not have enough highlights, something of its own, something of its own, something But after all, it is only developed, perhaps something exceptional will be added in the future.

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