MMORPG with a pirate theme, release date - December 22, 2018

type: client games

genre: MMORPG , Adventures

Payment: One -time purchase

developer: Grapeshot Games, Instint Games

Publisher: Grapeshot Games

platform: PC, Xbox One

Release date:December 22, 2018

play atlas: the official site

download Atlas in Steam

atlasis a MMORPG with a pirate theme in which you can capture the islands and manage them, build galleons and swim on them, and then fight in large -scale sea battles with other players. This is really MMO, where thousands of players can exist together in one space. According to the developers, Atlas will have only one PVP and one PVE server for each main region, so the players will not be arbitrarily divided between hundreds of identical servers.

The simulation of life on the ship is about as real as possible, and at the same time remains funny. Players can personally control guns, turn and turn sails, or lock holes in their ship. On large ships you will need a coordinated team to manage everything, but in Atlas you can hire NPC crew members. From the post of steering wheel or position of the lieutenant of your ship, you can command your team: shoot, reflect the invaders and much more. This theoretically makes Atlas more accessible to players who prefer to play solo, but everyone can win, having several AI units on their ship.

You can configure ships. When starting, five sizes will be available, ranging from miserable rafts to huge galleons. Each drawing provides the basic structure of the ship, but you can freely configure its parts as you want. For example, on a brigantine, on the deck there may be more than enough space to build a guard tower or high walls that protect the command from an incoming fire. In addition, you can cut the space under the deck, with the stairs and cabins of the crew in any layout. Creative players can draw their ships in a wide variety of colors, and a special tool will allow you to import the emblem in order to proudly show it anywhere. The final result is a huge map, which will most likely be more than enough to accommodate 50,000 players.

When you first start playing, you appear in one of several free ports, which are a safe zone to be in order to You were able to undergo training and build a ship. But do not be mistaken: Atlas is a mmo-sandwoman in the true sense that players need to follow the line of the main story. So there is a basic task that includes a trip around the world to collect nine artifacts and deliver them to the center of the map, where players will be able to fight a huge sea demon on their ships.

In Atlas will be the basic state system in which players can claim the possession of the land and interfere with other players, build on it. Inside this domain, guidelines can set tax rates that automatically subtract part of all resources and treasures collected there, right in their bank. You can tame and ride different animals, build a beautiful house or explore a huge world and open all kinds of secrets or rare resources for trading with other players.

If the land ownership is not your business, there are many small distracting factors that you can take your time. You can accidentally find a bottle with an accidentally generated treasure card that will lead you to the adventure of the island. But do not think that the sea here is calm and without trouble. In addition to hostile players and monsters, you can meet a group of ghost ships that will pursue you, and then this persecution will lead to a tense battle in which it will be very difficult to survive.

System requirements


OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit views)

processor: Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320


Video card: NVIDIA GTX 770 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB

Place on disk: 100 GB

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