Black Desert Online

Korean Black Desert Online was recognized as the most anticipated high -budget MMORPG. Although, of course, after the complete Fiasco Archeage, many MMORPG fans clearly reviewed their addictions. But, localizers not only took into account competitors' mistakes, but did not in the hurry to produce a raw product, but carefully consulted on each issue with developers and directly with future players.

Type: Client games


payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: Pearl Abyss

Publisher: Pearl Abyss

Platform : PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mobile

Release date: October 01, 2015

site: go

Amazing world Black Desert

When you launch Black Desert Online (BDO) The first thing you face is a unique editor of the characters. Here you can spend more than one hour to fashion and create not only a unique, but also fully corresponding to your character. You can change almost everything from the style of hairstyles to shades of cosmetics on the face. The editor’s functionality is so wide that you can create not only a beautiful character, but also a specific freak (for lovers of horror films).

From the first minutes of stay in the game, the world itself simply shocks its realism and beauty. The developers tried to bring the game as close as possible to reality, you can enjoy the sunset climbing up to the top of a huge mountain, or bask in the rays of the sunrise, it is also raining and there is fog. The feeling that you are not just in the game, but in a fabulous reality.

reality from the first seconds

in general Black Desert can be called a full Sandbox (sandbox) And there is every reason for this. Here everything is living and everything lives its own life. Even with NPC game, you can be friends, they also go to sleep (or walk) at night and come to work in the morning. By making friends in the NPS, you can get a valuable hint in the game, interesting information, knowledge or even a quest.

At the moment, there are no instances in the game. All dungeons are open to any player. As in Archeage, here you can buy a house where the character will rest and craft. By the way, in Black Desert you can not only come to visit, but also leave a gift to the owner of the house. The game has a developed trading system where regional products are clearly delimited, which contributes to the emergence of caravans that may be robbed. In general, there is something to do and it will not be boring for sure.


the Black Desert Online combat system is very different from the fights in other MMORPGs. There are no single-flowing battles, all classes (and there are enough of them to make a choice to taste) have a full-fledged system of combo-studies, and the player really will have to quickly wield his fingers on the keyboard to win the battle. But everything is not so difficult, if there is a desire to play, then the combinations of the hands are remembered over time themselves, and they just start fluttering on the keyboard.

The battles here are very different, you want, call the enemy to a duel, or visit the blood arena , but if you want, take part in the battles for nodes or large -scale battles. But definitely the entire fan begins precisely after level 56, there is time to dress and improve equipment. In principle, the character is not difficult to pump and up to 56 levels, it is not difficult to take the level, then it’s a little more difficult, but patience and work will lead to the desired goal.

classes will not describe, since In general, they can be read about them on the official website, especially since at the time of writing the article, the game is held and the classes still complement and open new ones, so the information can change.

not only PVP, but also...

, in addition, it is worth saying that if you do not like battles and fights, you will also find what to please yourself in Black Desert. The huge world opens before you, with a colossal number of tasks and monsters. You can do craft and "cut cabbage" in the literal sense of the word. Love pies bake, download cooking. Like fishing, forward, fishing also brings good income. What can I say: catching horses, alchemy, hunting and much more, everything is here! How to cover everything? There are additional hands, hire the mercenary, and he will wear the necessary resource for you and not one for food!

But it is worth saying definitely! Want to enjoy the game, participate in battles and get more information? Find a successful guild where you will be told and tell some nuances of the game that are not written anywhere. Guilds in Black Desert are plentiful, with any orientation and number. And for his activity in the guild, the player receives a daily salary.

I think many have a question: "But what about Donat?!" Well, of course, with real infusion is a little easier, but without it you can live here. In principle, you can make money on everything, if only there was time and desire.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements
recommended systemic systems Requirements
Operating system:
windows 7
windows 7
processor (CPU):
Intel Core i3
Intel Core i5
4 GB
6 GB
Video card:
GeForce GTS 250 /GeForce 9800 GTX /Radeon HD 3870 X2
GEFORCE GTX 650 /GTX 550Ti / Radeon HD 7770/6770 or higher
Audio card:
compatible with DirectX 9.0c
compatible with DirectX 9.0c

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