Browomstick League

Sports online game, release date-in the development

Type: Client games

Genre: Strategy

Date of Output: 1 quarter of 2020

platform: PC

Payment: One -time purchase

Developer: Virtual Basement LLC

Publisher: Blue Isle Publishing

Play Browomstick League: Official website

download Bromstick League in Steam

Browomstick League-a rapidly developing sports online game, In which players are divided into teams and rushed through huge arenas on brooms. Sweep the ball and rush through the stadium when you replay other players, trying to score. Browomstick League takes the option of the game from Harry Potter and collects the teams of wizards and sorceresses against each other in the sports arena, which looks as close as possible to the Quiddich.

equipped with a broom and stick, players must hone their flight skills and use magic, To evade enemies, protect your goals and make an impressive game. Armed by the explosion spell, which knocks the ball out of the hands of your opponent, and a spell of flickering, which teleports players to create the opportunity to score a goal, there are endless combinations of the game, in which there are no two identical matches. You can configure your sorceress or wizard and equip various brooms, sticks and other magical cosmetics, as well as configure the character at your discretion.

of matches, fast games will be available to you: 1 to 1, 2, 3 3 3 or 4 to 4 with friends or you can play with opponents from around the world.

system requirements


OS: Windows 7

processor: 3.0+ ghz dual core

RAM: 8 gb

Video card: GTX 650 and above, Radeon HD 7770 and above

DirectX: versions 10

Place on the disk: 5 gb


Processor: 3.0+ ghz quad Core


Video card: GTX 960 and above

DirectX: versions 11

Place on the disk: 5 GB

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