Caliber (Caliber)

Command-tactical online explosion with a third-person view, the release date is in the development of

type: client games

genre/Strong>: Shooter

Payment: Free (free-to-play)

developer:, 1c, 1c Game Studios


Platform: PC

Date of exit :in development

play for free in caliber: official site

caliber(Caliber)- free command- Tactical online explosion with a third-person view developed by In the project, you will have the opportunity to play for special forces of different countries, but the initial list will not be final, and will increase in the future.

battles in caliber will be held on different maps, where for the most part open buildings will be located, since such shelters will be easier to interact users during the battle. Some buildings can be used to hide. The developers strive to ensure that the match goes lively as a confrontation on the map, and not a simple shootout of two sides.

The caliber does not provide for the availability of transport in the game, but you can destroy various buildings, concrete blocks and shelters.

dynamic weather in the project is also not planned, and weather conditions will be tied to the map, that is, appearing on the map, you immediately fall, for example, in rainy weather.

The caliber has a wide variety of weapons, in addition, each weapon has its own unique characteristics, on which the return, spread and danger from the enemy depends.

Caliber is an exclusively team game, so there will be no single campaigns in the project. The caliber has PVP battles, the duration of which is approximately 10 minutes and the PVE mission, which can last up to 30 minutes. But the duration of both the first and in the second case depends solely on the coherence of the team during the match and the style of fighting.

, for the first time starting to play in a caliber, you will be invited to go through the training mission, so you will have the opportunity to quickly understand All the nuances of the game.

In order to keep in touch with each other, players will be able to use the built -in voice chat, which greatly facilitates the game in the team.

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