Call of Duty: Wwii

Military shooter, release date - November 02, 2017

Type: Client games

Genre: shooter, Action

Payment: a one -time purchase

developer: Sledgehammer Games

publisher: Activision

platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Date of exit: November 02, 2017

play Call of Duty: WWII: The official website

call of Duty: Wwii again returns the players to a long continuation, you can even say infinitely, a multi -part shooter dedicated to the Second World War The war, but the truth was created on the basis of a new engine.

If we consider Call of Duty: Wwii, looking back at the previous series, we can say with confidence that this project will give players excellent online entertainment.

According to the plot, the player is invited to land in Normandy, and then you have to visit the most famous places in the European battle of World War II and try yourself in classical battles.

The game has a campaign mode that tells the story about the first day of the young recruit in the first infantry division of the US Army. After you survived the Normandy beach, your team should be directed through Europe. On the way to Germany, you fight enemies in key places of battle. Here you will capture control points on the map.

In addition to classic battles, this time the developers offered the players zombie-mode clearly different from the previous series. It’s no longer a laugh here, the mode fully meets the atmosphere and there are enough cruel scenes here, it breaks through to horror. And, yes, it is better not to meddle without a partner.

generally Call of Duty: Wwii is more reminiscent of a movie than a shooter. And sometimes it seems that you are on the set of an excellent action movie.

System requirements


OS: Windows 7 x64

processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1400, Intel Core i3


video card: AMD Radeon HD 7850, AMD Radeon RX 550, GeForce GTX 1050, GeForce GTX 660

DirectX: 11


Place on the disk: 90gb


OS: Windows 7 x64

processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1600, Intel Core i5


video card: AMD Radeon R9 390, AMD Radeon RX 580, GeForce GTX 1060, GeForce GTX 970

DirectX: 11

Place on disk: 90gb

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