Citybattle: Virtual Earth

Today it has already become fashionable to add heroic abilities to the characters in shooters. This trend appeared after the appearance of Dota-like projects. The characters are not just shooting at each other, but also use various skills. This genre was called Hero Shooter abroad. In fact, there are not many such games for now, but their number is increasing. The most popular Overwatch, Paragon, Paladins, Battleborn.

Type: Client Games

Genre: Shooter

Payment: Free (free-to- Play)

Developer: Rikor

Publisher: Rikor

Platform: PC

Date of Output: October 02, 2018

Official site: Rigor did not stand aside the Russian developer, creating a new Citybattle project: Virtual Earth. MMOFPS CITYBATTLE: Virtual Earth is a multi -user shooter with elements of role -playing game, and of course with its separate differences.

Citybattle shooter schedules: Virtual Earth is excellent, but if you look at first glance, it somewhat resembles other projects, although it is somewhat reminiscent of other projects The developers do not stand still, but come up with and add their chips to the Unreal Engine 4.15 engine.

The game has four main classes of characters:

- Phantom- a silent sniper that can simply disappear from The enemy’s field of view will hide somewhere until he is attacked.

-a guard is a tank robot, nothing is scary behind him. In his hands, a machine gun, flamethrower or rocket launcher will seem a children's toy, but this is a deception.

- the attack aircraft is Damagager, it is he who is the main force of the group. He can even fly up. He attacks using a grenade launcher and mines.

- a technician is a support class, he heals his own, although he can attack the enemy on the occasion of his need. Masterfully owns a teleport, which helps him to quickly move between the wounded allies and the walls are not an obstacle to him.

The classes are well balanced that the user will be able to feel at the first stages of the game.

The chip of the game Citybattle: Virtual Earth is the attachment of an account to real cities, and the battles are held between the cities than, reminiscent of global showdown. Naturally, this feature is made with the expectation of e -sports discipline in the future. Having made a choice of the city, the player actually makes the choice of the faction for which he will play. In general, the toy should turn out to be interesting, but the truth is the developers do not own a large budget, although as practice shows, even low -budget games have gained popularity of users.

System requirements

Minimum requirements:

OS: Windows 7

processor: Intel Core i3 2.5Ghz

Memory: 8 GB

Video: GeForce GTX 760

HDD: 8 GB of free space

Recommended requirements:

OS: Windows 7

processor: Intel Core i3 2.5ghz

Memory: 8 Gb

Video: GeForce GTX 760

HDD: 8 GB of free space

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