Dauntlessis a free role-playing online game from the Phoenix Labs studio. After you created the character, you find yourself in a dangerous world. Hunting for giant monsters that haunt the split islands and their murder is what you will do constantly.

type: Client games

Genre: Action

Payment: Free (free-to-play)

developer: Phoenix Labs

publisher: Phoenix Labs

platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release date:May 24, 2018

Official site: Go

Page to Epic Games Store: Go

The monsters in the game are smart, deadly and initially occupy a strange space between fantastic and forest creatures. You find that you have taken up weapons against bobra killer, huge owls and evil turtles. The initial monsters have different archetypes that are naturally found in our world, which makes them less frightening. Further, the monsters become more confusing when you leave the relative safety of the first few locations and encounter insects shooting fatal lasers at you, but in general you are fighting with creatures for whom you can find a murder option.


Dauntless gives you access to the assortment of weapons, which greatly affects hunting experience. From weapons with a double barrel to teleportation with chain blades, there is a good variety that is suitable for various styles. Weapons with blades are better for cutting a monster into parts, while others more effectively break the skull. At the same time, as soon as you understand the basics of killing monsters, using a mixture of heavy attacks, light attacks and special skills, this is really all that you need to worry about. The only concern in any hunt is an aggressive monster trying to eat you.

The multiplayer side is where Dauntless really shines. Cross -platform compatibility has been available from the day of launch, which means that regardless of whether you kill the monsters on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, your multi -user game will cover all three platforms. Usually, it takes only a few seconds to create matches, which allows Dauntless to feel very easy.

in general, Dauntless is an experience optimized to ensure the most carefree multi -user session. From a simple cross-player to an option where everyone can enter the game and confidently pick up weapons against formidable opponents.

System requirements

MinimumrecommendedOS:Windows 7 with support dx11windows 10processor:intel core i5intel core i7RAM:4 GB8 GBVIDEA:NVIDIA 660TINVIDIA GTX 970DIRECTX:versions 11version 11Place on the disk:15 GB15 GB

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