Defiance 2050

mmo shooter, output date-July 10, 2018

type: client games

genre: MMORPG, shooter

payment: free (free-too -Play)

developer: trion worlds

publisher: trion worlds

platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

date of release : July 10, 2018

play for free in Defiance 2050: the official website

on the one hand MMO Schuer Defiance 2050 can be called the updated version of the defiance shooter, published in Light in 2013, though quickly having lost its popularity. But on the other hand, in Defiance 2050, events unfold in 2050, and the plot of this project is already new, so we can assume that this is the next head of the world of Defiance. In addition, the system of classes and equipment of heroes was completely processed. But let's more details.

the wreckage of Votan ships, which exploded in space, periodically fall to the ground. These meteorite pieces often contain rare and valuable alien technologies. But sometimes the heavens blame and with a strong stream of fragments to the Earth land terrible monsters, which will have to fight.

in general in Defiance 2050, all the classics have allies that will help players, and there are enemies, various evil spirits , against which the players will have to fight.

Players will be able to unite in an open world filled with advanced alien technologies, and take part in mass joint battles. In addition, the Defiance 2050 has a wide variety of weapons and equipment, which will allow you to take part in fascinating plot missions, the reward of which will be a rare weapon and equipment.

to everything in Defiance 2050, four new basic classes (Assassin, Guardian, Guardian, Combat Medic and Assault):

- Assassin: a hidden killer

specializes in critical strikes, unexpected attacks and total damage as a mortal class. He sneaks up to the enemies with his innate ability "cunning" and kills a hidden blade.

- Guardian: Defender

can create a protective barrier to block the incoming fire and reflect the shock wave. It can significantly reduce damage using the ability "resistance".

- Combat Medic: Healer

heals wounds, saves life. This class has a healing bot that follows the hero and supports the team. Using "inspiration", the healer gives a buff to increase the damage of the allies.

- Assault: a universal fighter

This class is suitable for any fight, and thanks to its ability, the Sprint has a high speed of movement.

The developers promise dynamic and exciting battles, as well as intriguing tasks with useful awards.

System requirements


operating room System: Windows 7 or newer

processor: dual -core with a clock frequency of 2.0 GHz

video card: nvidia GeForce GTX 650/AMD Radeon 7770


Sound map: compatible with DirectX 8.1

Place on the disk: 10 GB

Internet connection: broadband

DirectX: versions 11

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