Dota 2

moba, output date - June 15, 2013

type: client games

genre: moba, strategy

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: valve

Publisher: Valve

platform: PC

Date of exit: June 15, 2013




play for free in Dota 2: official site

download dota 2 in Steam

dota 2 most likely one of this The most popular games in which millions of players from around the world sit daily. Despite the fact that the project appeared in 2013, it is not just developing, but remains for the players constantly something new. In fact, we can say for sure that this is the only multiplayer project that is neither time nor his business model. Even before the appearance of Dota 2, the project managed to arouse unusual interest, it was immediately included in one of the e -sports games, and voiced by famous actors.

In Dota 2 there are many different heroes, with their skills, skills and naturally unique. In addition, all heroes are absolutely free, which gives you the opportunity to compete on equal terms with other players. In addition, starting to play, your hero is fully provided with everything necessary for the first match. Naturally, you can collect the necessary items to change the appearance of the hero and his environment. Each hero has a whole string of various roles, and for each role you can find an appropriate item. Here only you can create your own unique and exceptional hero. And how he will fight, of course, will depend only on you.

dota 2 is a diverse, multifaceted project that does not stand still, but is constantly developing and moving forward. Whenever you start playing Dota, you will always be in the right time. Naturally, no one will throw you in the thick of the fight from the start, you will have enough time to practice and study in battles with bots. This is where you can experiment with the heroes, test their skills and opportunities. And only then you can already start a battle with other players suitable for you in level and behavior, this will help you with an automatic system for searching for matches.

What attracts to Dota 2? There are no special effects that players are usually trying to keep, there is what many people like - the opportunity to play tactically, interact with the allies and develop a personal ability to independently build defense and attack. Unfortunately, there is no censorship in Dota 2, but this has long become a kind of stamp of this project.

systemic systems Requirements


OS: Windows 7 or higher

processor: Dual Core from Intel or AMD AT 2.8 GHZ


video card: nvidia GeForce 8600/9600gt, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600

DirectX: versions 9.0c

network network : Broadband Internet connection

Place on the disk: 15 GB

Sound map: DirectX compatible

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