Forza Horizon 4

Part of the racing simulator, release date - October 02, 2018

type: client games

genre: Races

payment: one -time purchase

developer: Gamesground Games

publisher: Microsoft

platform: PC, Xbox One

Release date:October 2, 2018

Play Forza Horizon 4: Official website

Forza Horizon 4A new part of the Racing Simulator from the GameSground Games developer. Scottish mountains, Welsh valleys, the English village are rarely found in games, but not this time. Forza Horizon 4 is permeated by the color of Britain, the seasons are replaced one after another and the weather affects how your car will behave. The project contains intelligence functions that will be active with certain seasons. For example, in the winter the lake freezes, and you can drive in your car to several islands, to which you do not have access during autumn or summer. As in previous games, you can expect a growing open world, but this time an action can take place on a server with 72 players. Each motor on the road will be a real player (unless, of course, you decide to play online).

In case you have the Internet connection, you will not be thrown out of the world forza Horizon 4, which means that it means that it means that it means that it means that it means that it means that it means that You can easily switch from solo to multi -user mode.

in Forza Horizon 4 about 1000 unique cars, so you can be a little discouraged when you just start playing and ask you how to spend your loans. The introduction of seasons also means that roads and paths in the world are presented by a variety of requirements for your vehicle in summer and winter. The car that you like in the spring can become inappropriate for you when everything freezes. When choosing a car, pay attention to several key points: the total speed and convenience, winter suitability and increasing the level of creditworthiness / level of improvement. , to hunt for rare cars hidden inside buildings, or just drown the gas pedal through the field, trying to build a combo and (unsuccessfully) flying sheep to the floor. You can challenge other players in the "eye to eye" race or invite them to a group to participate in competitions in a cooperative or PVP.

a total of a seasonal structure and general world events - these are ways to maintain interest To the upcoming months of the game. But all this is built on the top of another rich racing sandbox, which easily offers tens of hours of racing, not counting competitions, online media and general chaos.

systemic systems Requirements


OS: 64-bit Windows 10

processor: intel i3-4170 3.7 GHC/Intel i5-750 2.67 GHz


Video card: NVIDIA 650TI, NVIDIA GT 740, AMD R7 250x

DirectX: versions 12


OS: 64-bit Windows 10

processor: Intel i7-3820 3.6 GHz

RAM: 12 GB

Video card: NVIDIA GTX 970, NVIDIA GTX 1060 C 3 GB, AMD R9 290X, AMD RX 470

DirectX: versions 12

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