Adventures, 2020

Type: Client games

Genre: Adventures

Date of Output: January 04, 2020

Platform : PC

Payment: Free (free-to-Play)

Developer: Sky Giant Studios

Publisher: Sky Giant Studios

play for free at Gifted in Steam

gifted- this is an adventure simulator of whose events unfold on the huge island of the Antarctic Islands chains. At first glance, Knick-Knack is an isolated, frozen, inhospitable island, but he is fraught with a secret that makes him special and is the reason why he is the perfect place for Santa and his new toy base.

The main character who recently arrived on the island of Knick-Knack is a small goblin, Grimby. It can be a little strange and awkward, and it can be a little small, but for some reason Santa decided that it was Grimby that should turn this ice place into a flourishing base for the production of New Year's toys.

This is a huge responsibility , and the Grimby has many serious tasks so that the process of making toys is finally launched. Organization, management, and even handmade will fill most of the Grimby day...

System requirements


OS: Windows 10

processor: Intel i5 Gen 4

Video card: NVIDIA 750TI

DIRECTX: versions 11

Place on the disk: 2 gb

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