Golem Gates

Strategy, Release Date - March 28, 2018

Type: Client games

Genre: Strategy, Moba, KKI

Payment: one -time purchase

developer: Laser Guided Games

publisher: Laser Guided Games

Platform: PC

Date of release: March 28, 2018



play Golem Gates: Official site

download Golem Gates in Steam

Golem Gates combines real -time elements ( RTS), multiplayer online-anrena of battle (MOBA) and card battle. In addition, this project is made in a rather unusual style, when comparing it with other strategies.

Earth devastated and ruined by ancient wars will become the place where the main plot of Golem Gates unfolds. The player will play the role of a forerunner-rogue, which is endowed with the power of manipulation and management of those who survived to confront.

Ancient military vehicles appear at the goal of Golem, and invisible power makes you take weapons. Possessing unknown power, you are fighting golems and solving the secrets surrounding their long -forgotten creators.

Throughout the game, the player will collect spell cards in the deck. Battles take place very quickly with optimized resource management. Here you will have to call on your entire talent to focus on action.

about how this project turned out to be very early, and the full exit of Golem Gates will take place in the spring of 2018.

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