Meditative adventure game, release date - December 13, 2018

type: client games

genre: Adventure

payment: one -time purchase

developer: nomada studio

publisher: Devolver Digital

platform: PC, Nintendo Switch

Date of Output:December 13, 2018

play GRIS: Official site

download gris in Steam

gris- this is a meditative Adventure game with a carefully thought out animated world. The main idea of ​​the game is the desire to teach the player to fight inner fears. And Gris does this with a wonderful artistic style, live sound and gameplay.

in gris your heroine, who has lost her voice. This poor girl locked herself in her own world to escape from the pain that captured her in real life. Her fears and her pain initially take the shape of a flock of birds, which pursues and punishes her. She begins the game terribly weak, unable to even move his feet normally. To the finale of the game, it becomes incredibly mobile. The gameplay is also growing and developing, adding small improvements to animation when new mechanics are introduced. Most of these mechanics are vital for the storyline itself. You will perform various puzzles, and go through tests.

From the beginning of the game you will understand that the GRIS dress is its pain, and it is it that gives various abilities to better interact with its inner world. Over time, GRIS will emotionally grow stronger and begin to perceive the world differently, and accordingly use its obstacles to benefit. At first, the wind will be a serious enemy, but then GRIS will learn to use its strength to accelerate and move forward new opportunities and roads.

System requirements


OS: Windows 7

processor: Intel Core2 Duo E6750 (2 * 2660)/AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+ (2 * 2600)

RAM: 4 GB: 4 Gb

video card: GeForce GT 430 (1024 MB)/Radeon HD 5570 (1024 MB)

Place on the disk: 4 GB

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