Collectible card game in fantasy style, release date - March 14, 2014

type: Client games

genre: KKI

Payment: Free (free-to-Play)

developer: Blizzard

publisher: Activision Blizzard

platform:PC, mobile

date of exit: March 14, 2014 years

to play for free in Hearthstone: Official site

headhstone- a collectible card game in fantasy style with the heroes of the Blizzard universe. Hearthstone is a step -by -step battle with the use of cards. Maps have their own characteristics and unique features.

In order to start the battle, you will need to throw a coin in order to indicate the first move. Then you get the starting cards. Since the one who starts the battle has a tactical advantage, its enemy is given a special map, on which mana does not need to be spent, in addition, it increases the number of mana crystals by 1 for a certain time. You can retake starting cards. After the players confirmed the starting cards, the battle begins.

in general, the first view of nothing is complicated, even the beginner can figure it out, especially the interface of the gaming board as much as possible and helps the player.

After you go through a number of training battles with a computer, you You can choose one of nine characters for battle with another player in an online duel. If you are familiar with World of Warcraft, then the characters will be like relatives to you. Each character has a unique creature and a set of unique spells, which gives his special style of play for each hero. The choice remains for you, whom to add to the deck.

during the game the hero you have chosen will develop, gaining experience and opening a new map. In addition, you will receive coins for which you can make various purchases in the store.

There are three game modes in Hearthstone: online duels, computer training and arena. Taking part in the arena, you will receive a special reward (perhaps even sorceress dust, which will be needed for higher cards). There are various tasks in the project, for the implementation of which you also receive different useful items.

At first glance, the game seems quite simple, make moves, use manu and enjoy. But in fact, Hearthstone is based on deep mechanics. To win, you will have to carefully think over and tactically calculate your moves a few steps forward. It was such a combination of the game spaces, the accessibility of the interface and amazing fascination that the main feature of Hearthstone, which attracted millions of players.

System requirements


OS: OS: OS: OS: OS: OS: OS: Windows 7 /8 /10

processor: Intel pentium d / amd athlon 64 x2

RAM: 2 gb

video card: nvidia GeForce 6800 256 MB / ATI Radeon X1600 PRO 256 MB

Place on the disk: 3 gb


OS: 64-bit windows 10

processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 GHz/AMD Athlon 64 x2 5000+ 2.6 GHz


Video card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB/ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB

Place on the disk: 3 GB

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