The Chinese Netease developer has been working on MMORPGJustice(also known as Treacherous Waters or Against the Cold). This project will be filled with eastern martial arts and confrontation of fractions.

Type: Client games


payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: netease

Publisher: Netease

platform: PC

Date of exit: June 29, 2018


Official site: crossing

We can say that the Chinese short story was the inspiration of the developers, but in general, it will be a completely different story, though the most related to the period of the Song Empire.

Justice is the confrontation of two fractions, while the project does not plan a safe zone, so skirmishes can happen anywhere. And under certain conditions of the conflict between them cannot be avoided. At the same time, players of both factions will be able to get along well in the seamless world of Justice. In general, PVP in the game will most likely be in the first place and play a significant role.

pve, the content of the project will be focused on hikes on the bosses, and of course the study of the game world.

In general, the combat system itself is quite interesting, since it will be based on combo-studies. At the same time, the switch between the two non-Turget and Target battle modes will be present. The review in the game can also be switched between the regime from a third person and isometric. The isometric mode will be very convenient during the use of super-lifes, something like a flight, rapid movement along the water, unique jumps, etc. The characters will be presented in seven grades. Some of them have already been lit. Of course, there will be professions in the game, while they will have a certain relationship.

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