Kingdom Under Fire II

Awesome, thoughtful and active, combining several strategic mmokingdom under fire IIfrom the Blueside studio, will be able to win the location of users at least that for this The games are suitable even a mediocre video card. The developers thought about users and the future and did not take the emphasis on the drawing of small details of the vast world, but concentrated their attention in small territories, where mass battles would be specifically. Whereas the movement between these territories will take place on the world map.

Type: Client games

Genre: Strategy

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: blueside

publisher: Innova

platform: PC, PlayStation 4

Date of exit: April 16, 2018 (closed 20.03. 2019)

site: go

the territory of the fights developed purely for clarification of relations. Only a few users can take part in the battles, so the multi -user is apparently figuratively speaking. But if we take into account that each player is subordinate to the thousandth of the units, a variety of siege structures, dragons and much more, then you can only imagine what masses the batch will be. Find a variety of types of weapons: medieval and magical, which will have to be taken into account during the miscalculation and construction of siege structures. A separate feature of the game is that the player can stop watching the process from above at any time and rush into the abyss of the battle. That is why at the beginning of the game the user should create a hero and determine the class, and they are currently planned in the game at the moment. .to. On the battlefield, you can not achieve everything in this game. Players will go to ordinary MMORPG zones, and engage in quests, trade, grind, craft and other activities in order to pump the hero and his army.

System requirements

minimum system requirements

windows 7 32BIT with the latest updates
Core 2 Duo E8200 CPU @ 2.66GHZ
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (512 MB)
Availability of the Internet

recommended system requirements

windows 7 64BIT with the latest updates
Core i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30ghz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 (GB)
DIRECTX: 9.0C The availability of the Internet connection

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