kritikais an Asian mixture of MMORPG and Action. In general, the game resembles a non-Target massacre, where adrenaline just goes off scale. The project is focused on the active passage of the dungeons, while the game mechanics are Action without stopping, the mass of combo and special techniques, bright colors and just explosive design.

Type: Client games

genre: MMORPG, mmo Action

payment: free (free-to-polay)

Developer: all-m

publisher: hangame

platform: pc

release date: July 07, 2014

official website: go

the user's main task is to click on the mouse buttons and see the mass various jumps, strokes and combinations of attacks.

At the moment, 4 classes are available in the game:

- Reaper- masterfully wields a scythe, easily controls enemies and inflicts deadly blows;

- warrior- swordsman, a fighter of near-battle. Bold, hard and strong, which can easily send enemies to the next world. His massive sword causes great damage, killing even bosses with ease.

- A robber is a fraudster with a cat’s grip and cunning, it will easily make a blow, scratches or shock the enemy.

- Magic The magic of the elements, smart and strong, will keep his enemies at a distance, using magic skills.

The Kritika gameplay itself resembles just crazy urchilovo and a massacre with a huge number of diverse combo, bright Special effects and wild cries of heroes.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows XP SP3

processor: Intel pentium (Dual Core)

Video card: AMD Radeon HD 4650 | GeForce 7600

Memory: 2gb

Place on the disk: 3gb

directx: 9

the availability of an Internet connection


recommended system requirements

OS: Windows 7 x64

processor: Intel Core 2 Quad

video card: AMD Radeon HD 3850 | GeForce 9600

memory: 4gb

Place on the disk: 3gb

directx: 9

the availability of an Internet connection

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