La Rana

Adventure game for one player, release date - January 01, 2019

type: client games

genre: Adventures

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: frog Paw Studios

publisher: smu guildhall

platform: PC

release date:January 01, 2019

play free in La Rana: Official website

free download la Rana in Steam

Strong>La Ranais an adventure game for one player in which the player controls the Susa, the servant of the Frog Temple, who is trying to cleanse the damned temple.

The temple of the wound long ago brought the world rain and prosperity. Now he is abandoned, his energy source is stolen. You wake up as the last guardian of the temple, the small spirit of the frog. The lost force of the wound lies in front of you on the basis of the temple. Using the last drops of wound strength, you must explore vast ruins, discovering his secret rooms for yourself and admiring its wilted glory. Restore the lost strength of the wound temple and return the rain to the world.

Use simple mechanics to control the world around you and open new ways through the temple. Expand the secret areas by solving puzzles by creative methods.

Freely move around the La Rana world. Enjoy the beautiful temple at your own pace. Move to different areas to find hidden secrets and collecting items.

la Rana is concentrated on a close, highly focused game that emphasizes magical, bizarre qualities, implemented by visual effects.

System requirements


OS: Windows 10

processor: 4 GB

RAM: GTX 1060

Video card: versions 11

Place on the disk: 5 GB


OS: Windows 10

processor: 8 gb

RAM: GTX 1070

Video card: versions 11

Place on the disk: 5 gb

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