Last Man Standing

Online FROM shooter LAST Man Standing is made in the style of Battle Royale. Players have to learn how to survive in difficult conditions, while the combat area of ​​action will constantly decrease.

Type: Client games

genre: Shooter

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: free reign entertainment

publisher: free reign entertainment

platform: pc

date of exit:December 22 2016

Official site:go

If you look on one side, it looks like a survival simulator, but here the players will not have to rush in search Since there is no time for this. Appearing in a random place of the map, the player will need to quickly navigate and start the search for weapons, body armor and pairs of first -aid kits. And then, as lucky, the player can be killed immediately in the first match, or maybe vice versa, the player will become a winner and will exterminate any opponent.

Last Man Standing is well done, although at first glance somewhat cheese. But the graphics pleases the eye, more than 30 types of various weapons, a small map, but at the same time everything is lined with various hips and buildings. There is no transport here, but you can always arrange an ambush, overlapping with rusty iron and wait. During breaks between matches, there is a time for pumping a character, in addition, the player can find boxes in which: with different chips for weapons, original masks and other fashionable things.


Systemic systems Requirements

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Minimum system requirements
recommended systemic systems Requirements
Windows 10 X64,
Windows 7 x64,
windows 8 x64
windows 10 x64,
windows 7 x64,
windows 8 x64
amd FX-6XXX,
Intel Core i5
amd fx-8xxx,
Intel Core i7 (Quad Core)
Video card:
amd Radeon HD 7770, GeForce GTX 460
amd Radeon R9 390 390 , GeForce GTX 970
Place on the disk:
the presence of an Internet connection